Phil ODonnel - Heart Failure

I tried to track down what exactly kills you, and in essence, "heart failure - your heart stopped working; f*** knows what caused it, could have been a lot of things".

I was in the gym at lunchtime and I'd be lying if I said the picture of O'Donnell on the deck didn't enter my head.

Has anyone been there when someone's heart stopped working? Was CPR attempted, did it work?

I was there when the artist John Bellany had his nationally publicised heart attack, but he didn't look like O'Donnell.


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I was involved in a game of 5 a side at Cranwell in about '88
Young lad of about 18 - 19 who had been down our section on jankers the night before fell over
In the time it took for people to reach him and see what was up and start CPR etc (their were 'proper' medics there) nothing worked
The doctor declared him dead at the scene and the inquest stated he had the heart of a 70 year old and it would have killed him sooner or later
I can see it know but I'm fecked if I can remember his name

(And we lost 3-2)

I've always worked on the assumption that your heart is "along for the ride". You either had Wolff -Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW) or you didn't, and you were either predisposed to heart enlargement due to exercise, or you weren't. Bust your arse on phys for a few years and if you don't pop your clogs you probably won't ever.

Unfortunately it seems it ain't that simple (although I suppose O'Donnel could have popped his clogs watching the telly. Maybe if he hadn't trained his heart would have failed earlier).

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