Phew! Fire drama soldiers are fine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by limbic, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. "All army personnel involved in the dramatic blaze suffered only minor injuries." Channel 4 News

    "None of the soldiers was seriously injured and all were back on duty yesterday." - The Guardian

    I was deeply relieved to read that the three soldiers who *looked* like they might have been seriously burned are in fact fine and the MoD has been parading them to the press.

    They stories also explain how they ended up on fire. Apparently the commander opened his hatch because the periscope was damaged and they could not see where they were going. One of the petrol bombs hit the hatch and burning petrol got into the vehicle.

    I cannot tell you how relieved I am to read this. Those images haunted me. Death by fire - what those rioters were attempting - is the ultimate agony.

    I recall a few months ago a Mirror headline screamed "Our boys burn!" when some soldiers were hit by a petrol bomb in similar circumstances (rent a mob).

    At the time I wrote "Phew! British soldiers set alight by petrol bombs were not even burned".

    This time, happily I can write something similar.

    Soldiers tell how torrent of burning petrol poured into their Warrior - Daily Telegraph
    Troops describe shower of petrol bombs during riot - The Scotsman
    Troops tell of escape from angry mob - Guardian
    My escape from blazing tank - The Times
    Basra soldiers tell of fire drama - BBC
  2. Glad they are all well.

    1. Why were the hatches up in a PO situation (Commander had his chest rig on the hatch too!)?
    2. Why were his sleeves rolled up in an AFV and in a PO situation?
    3. Why no XPM covers on the sights?

    I heard the comd say that his sights were broken in the riot, but Q1 and 3 deal with this.

    Not having a dig at the individuals, just interested to know why this occurred.
  3. Saw the guys interviewed on TV. They all came across as professional and articulate. Well done them.
  4. Welldone guys, keep your chins up. :)
  5. Mr Scotch_Mist and I had a heated debate about the very subject last night. He felt that there should never have been need for them to have left the warrior and raised your points. Having listened to the interviews, I am so relieved they are all ok and feel that there must have been problems with it otherwise they would have stayed put!
    Good skills in getting them all to be interviewed. And for them to be shown to be human and articulate!
  6. I'm extrememly glad that they are fine. I was more worried from the video on the news which showed (I believe) the first guy out the hatch fall/jump from the Warrior and then is immediately set upon by the mob. I personally thought that he was hit by a guy that runs in from the right of the picture but there has been no mention of what happend to the soldiers once they extricated themselves out of the vehicle. Any ideas?
  7. Apparently they were all OK. All three are pictured in one of the newspapers looking fine and all are back on duty.


  8. I'm sure that they've seen more serious burns at the Coy BBQ.
  9. Footage I saw (BFBS reports) showed the baseline was right behind the WR, the crew seemed to go straight behind the shields. This was not clear in the 'dramtatic' pictures used by the Beeb.