Pheonix school

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by samain11, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. I read today that Lord Guthrie's Pheonix Free School which was to be staffed by service veterans has been turned down,
    anyone know why?
  2. Using "service veterans" could be the problem?
  3. Oldham council is opposed to the new school, which it has labelled ‘unnecessary’.
  4. Because it might work?

    One of the blokes involved in this was a Subby at one of my former units. Good bloke, good idea and he could have driven it through.

    But then other schools would look bad.
  5. I heard some guff about the idea not being "Community Spirited" or summat daft like that.
  6. Not enough disabled, Somalian lesbians among the teaching staff?

    He should set his school up as a "low cost" public school. I hear these are springing up for folks who can't afford to send their kids to Eton but who would like them to be able to read when they leave school.
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  7. It's hardly suprising that a Labour controlled council would not want anything to do with the free school inititive. They wouldn't want to take the chance that their education policies would be shown to be inadequate for all their multicultural and pc credentials. What is suprising is that the sponsors of the proposed new school even tried to set up in what can only be described as unfriendly territory.
  8. A sharia school would be more appropriate in Oldham, to educate the next generation of taxi drivers, corner shop owners and benefits recipients.
  9. Presumably because they spelled Phoenix incorrectly.
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  10. I wonder what their actual reasoning was. If that's accurate, then surely it defies the whole point of the exercise in the first place?
  11. Besides, I thought Gove was very very pro-skipping teacher training? When I read about it, I was pretty sure Phoenix would be one of the schools he would hold as a connical example of the amazingness of free school.
  12. Perhaps that has something to do with why it was turned down.
  13. Explain?