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Does anybody have any experience of the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Course run by basics. If it's something that any practitioner can do, (Ie Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, CMT's etc) or is it for paticular practitioners, skillsets qualifications as a prerequisit only. (I have contacted them but they seem a bit slow to reply, i.e not instantly , so I thought I'd chance my arm here)
I ask because its something I have an interest in for my own development (I'm currently a student mental health nurse so have a snowballs chance in hell of getting near BARTS or BATLS before or after I qualify) and so am prepared to do it on the side myself just for my own interest.
Failing that does anybody know of anything other than a first aid course I could get myself on in this area. Mental health is interesting and I love it but I just want to gain some more strings to my bow and be able to offer some proper emergency help should the need ever arise.

Many Thanks
ILS and PILS is being offered to everyone working in the hospital at TPMH not just Doctors, Medics etc even us lowly BMS staff so you may be able to get it from where you are posted too after qualifying.
PHEC is recognised and certfied by the Royal College of Surgeons. It is run by BASICS and courses are run around the country. It is a good qualification and recognised nationally. BATLS is not recognised in civilian street.

If you want to work in the pre-hospital environment, oil rigs or for private companies then these courses will help:

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)

Health & Safety

Courses for rigs include:

Off shore survival (UK & International)

Off shore Medic course

I know there are more and I suppose there are people on here with experience.

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