Pheasant feeder ideas.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by clayp1g, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. I folks I am trying, belatedly, to get the feeders together for the up coming season. I/we need 10/12 feeders to supplement the ones we have already. I was thinking of the 30 ltr ones from these folks, with a spiral feeder.

    Sycon Products Ltd

    As I am fairly new to this sort of thing, is this a fair price?

    Many thanks

  2. Look... I dont know where you can buy pheasant feeders from but I do know you can buy a ready cooked chicken covered in herbs etc for £3 at tesco.
  3. PM Ugly for info- he runs a shoot- or if you are in/near the New Forest go to the show at Brockenhurst, he's got a stand there this week
  4. You'd better be quick. It finishes tomorrow!
  5. Sorry, thought it was a 3 dayer.
    PM him is best then.
  6. It is. It started on Tuesday!
  7. Ok, Ok.

    Last time I saw him he said it started Wednesday so my info was posted in good faith
  8. Keep your knickers on, I was just trying to help!! ^_^

    Grrrr -these new smileys are a pain in the 'arris!
  9. On our shoot we use 30ltr Chutney Barrels pilfered from the local Curry houses. We then drill a whole in the bottom to fit a spring feeder and then lash it to a tree or fix three 4x2, 3ft stakes in order for it to dispense.
  10. Those chutney barrels are good but they attract ferrets...

    Yes, that is my Barbour AND that's my quad-bike too. Tip top!
  11. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you’re feeding pellets

    Get an empty bucket cut the bottom out of it and fit a fine (Ish) mesh. The hang so the birds have to peck up to release the pellets. Not only does this reduce waste it helps to reduce boredom/feather plucking etc.

    Therese a couple of sites with examples I believe there’s a thread on this on Poultry Garden
  12. Is Ugly still at Brockenhurst?
  13. No. Now at his home location
  14. Try MT park for suitable containers and then get spirals and fit them. Those AL11/39 plasic containers are handy aftera good rinse out.