PhD qualifications: My Goldfish Died and I am in Shock

I cannot believe that this is for real..but.. there it is in the Sunday Times of London, so it must be true..

" British students taking their General Certificate of Secondary Education exams can have their marks adjusted for emotional upset...For instance, if the family cat dies on the day of the test, the student will receive 2% more marks. If the feline died the day before the exam, the award is only 1% "

Is there a sliding scale? Dog hit by truck x%.. smellie Aunt Nellie and drunken ol' Uncle Charlie not as much.., the buxom babe who tans topless in the yard next door runs off with Habib at the meat shop leaving you without a w@nk fantasy

The rationale [ if there is one ] states that this is an attempt ..." by the boards to quantify the possible emotional distress of a candidate and therefore make exams fairer..."

what more can I say but Great Googly Woogly...
Ive seen this in action

Theres a guy on my course who has had 10 week extensions on his essays because he has asthma. interesting how he manages to run 10k a day

others have got it because they broke up with girlfriends (of a week or so) or because they were, you will love this one, upset about the war in iraq
Yeah most colleges have a clause that if your roommate commits suicide or dies by any other means (unless you were involved :wink: ), you get a 4.0 for the year.
It all smacks of an ' urban myth ' from the US that had college students getting a 'bye' on exams or such if their ' roomate ' died.. seem to remember a stupid ' teen movie ' based on the premise that came and went from the local miniplex in a week...

I appreciate that some emotional 'trauma' can throw off a person at the time of exams..but provisions to ' retake' at a later date have always been available as policy or through negotiation with appropriate governing bodies..and I accept that.. but to assign numerical values to each and every ' upset ' that comes sad...

student:' Coronation Street was pre-empted for a speech by Tony Blair.. I was too distraught by half!!'
adjudicator: ' right.. that's good for a 6 % increase in the mark.- oh, hell.. make it 10! '
I hope they apply this rational arguement across the public sector. I shall be buying and then killing off all my pets, forcing my mum into a coma and whinging about Domestos's war on germs just before the next promotions board.

How on earth to they verify that a students claims for emotional strain are correct? Come on you soap dodging students. Exams up and coming and I would like to propose an Arrse prize for the best string of student excusses which allow some crafty lay-about to get a first even though he only writes his name on the paper.

I suggest as a prize: One night out in a garrison tiwn without getting your head panned in.
Prime example here. In my final year at university, one of my housemates (& at the time a very good friend) was / is gay. At the beginning of the academic year we were briefed by our Dean that in order to qualify for our Honours degree we had, amongst other rules, to hand all papers (including our dissertation) in by specific dates. As it was the final year, most of us realised it was the time to get our heads down & really come up with the goods. Not so X. We were at university in the Midlands, but for almost the whole of the year he spent long weekends down in London and during the time he was back, spent most of his time sleeping. All four of us in the house were reading for the same degree so as deadline day approached we asked X how he was going to be able to submit work he'd not even started researching. His answer? Not to worry, he had a 6 WEEK extension as he'd been to the medical centre & told them that due to 'coming out' to his parents & family over the summer break he was close to a nervous collapse due to the pressure! They gave him anti-depressants, booked counselling for him & wrote a note to our school asking for deadline extensions! The tosser walked away with the same class degree as us other 3 (fair enough, he wasn't thick) but what rankled then & rankles now, is that he was awarded the Honours degree. :evil:
Cheating chutney ferret. At least I had the common decency to do feck all work and then borrow the notes of others for all night cramming the night before the exam.

I wonder if coming out will help me on the promotions board. The Army must have to fill a quota of poofs?

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