PhD Nutrition Pharma-Gain - views?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by arby, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Ive just bought this stuff. Mixed it up, drank about two thirds of some powdery, sickly nonsense that made me retch. Is this stuff actually any good? Because of my fast metabilism, I struggle to keep weight up when Im doing lots of cardio, will I notice a vast improvement, or will I jsut want to be sick a lot and be 30 quid poorer?
  2. If you are looking for a decent weight gain formula, just ask Poppy and Fat Liz the Nurse. Whereas Poppy is a bit radical with her five 'Steak-Bake' breakfasts, Liz is more the traditionalist, and prefers the 'fish-supper' routine.
  3. Brilliant.
  4. M8 i have done exactly the same thing, someone recommended the stuff a few days ago, i bought it after being told it was really tasty good stuff. Tried it its really sickly. Its meant to be good stuff however its disgusting to drink. I recommend only doing the 2 scoops instead of the 3, and add more water / milk than it says to add.
  5. thinking the same thing jarhed, milk, ice and blend it down, one in the morning, one at night for two weeks, if I see any improvement then great, if not, I'll mix it with grout and regrout my bathroom walls.
  6. Top tip use 2 scoops with 275 ml of water, shake it like mad in the shaker for a minute. Then take the lid of and chug it straight from the beaker. Doesnt taste so bad or feel so thick.
  7. Nah, it's much better with milk, 500ml + 3 scoops + blender/mixer = actually quite drinkable. Of course using milk helps in the whole "getting a bit bigger" scheme of things too. I've just bought my third tub so it's not that bad. If yer still don't like it then send it my way!
  8. When you say its much better with milk do you mean the taste? because taking protein with milk is not necessarily better in other ways. e.g. with milk the protein will take upto 4 hours to digest, which is good in the evening but not so good after a gym session, with water it is absorbed in 20 -30 mins.
  9. I just found it better, taste wise.
  10. Best and quickest way to pack on good solid weight is to use Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (Instantised) from Just mix with plain water, easy to mix and is tasteless. In fact it tastes like powdered milk. see website for product
    Back this up with a serving of Maltodextrin a day. see website

    you really can not go wrong with this stuff, it aint packed with sweetners and other stuff with makes you feel bloated or about to throw your guts up.
  11. You are just saying to take a decent protein source with a slightly complex carb. I wouldn't completely disagree as long as the diet is in check and taking things from first principles is usually much cheaper then these all in one things.
    Whey itself doesn't have many calories (I think 2.5 kcal per 1 gram carbs) so shouldn't be used to put on mass but is good for recovery.

    To be honest whey (and even more the fact instantised whey) shouldn't be used unless its at breakfast (and that debatable) or during/directly after training. Other times caesim should be used (milk concentrate would do).


    edit- that other site seem decently cheap so I would say either would be fine to be honest