Phase Two Chef Training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by safcjames, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm actually trying to find out as much info about phase two chef training as I possibly can.

    Not what the course entails and what I'll learn but more things like the level of discipline and fitness etc.

    Basically I'm a rejoin with a new trade (Chef obviously) and I am trying to be as prepared as possible for it. The main query I have is "Can I expect to be beasted 24/7, ragged sensless in multiple PT sessions a week and gated every weekend or am I expecting a worst case scenario here?" If someone could find the time to let me know what I should be expecting I would appreciate it.

    For recruiters or training staff reading this if you are replying then please be honest, don't panic you wont put me off I will still be signing on the dotted line, next week in fact just as soon as I can get a day's holiday from work as the papers are at the careers office waiting for me.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You will be taught how to take excellent fresh ingredients and **** them up big style..
  3. dunno
  4. Why are you doing the chefs course? Its the ahrdest course in the army as no fecker has passed it yet !

  5. Someone is pulling your leg mate. An 8 mile run followed by a game of football isn't just a huge amount of PT it's far to time consuming and probably dangerous. Believe me, when you get to your unit and see the state of some of the fat hairy arsed old sweats (No offence intended) you'll know exactly what I mean. I'm coming from a combat trade myself and can say with all honesty that the only time I ever done anything close to that kind of intensity was during phase 2 Engineer training.

    As for the days off a month that is highly likely. The average month has four weeks fella so 8 days off (As in weekends or the equivalent) would most likely tally :wink:

    What I was wanting to know though was the level of PT, discipline and freedom that we are subject to during trade training. Anyone been through it on here that would know or any of the instructors maybe?
  6. You'll do between 3 and 5 phys sessions a week whilst in Phase 2 at Worthy Down and you'll do some MATTS, although the phys based ones will be included within that number. The trg programme is necessarily busy for the 16 weeks you're there and bar the odd exercise and guard duty you'll get most weekends off. I assume you've spoken to the CRLO (as a rejoin), he would have told you this if you'd asked?

    Life as chef in the field Army will vary dramatically depending where you are posted. Pay As You Dine has impacted on the way chefs are employed in barracks and contractors on Ops may mean that you don't deploy if your unit does. You'll work hard on exercise and get your fair share of grief, roll with it and don't take it too seriously. Do what you can to improve your own skills, don't expect it all on a plate (pardon the pun), and you'll get on well - providing you can knock-up a decent bacon butty or egg banjo at 3 in the morning when the lads come off stag.

    Good luck.
  7. Thanks for the info mate big help and pretty much what I expected. No, no one has been able to give me any info like this, I didn't even get joining instructions. Apparantely as a rejoin I'm just expected to know.

    One final point, the training is at Deepcut not Worthy Down, it was confirmed to me yesterday.
  8. I have friends doing phase 2 as a chef at the moment at............worthydown
  9. Defence Food Service School is based at Worthy Down.MATTS might take place elsewhere.
  10. What exactly do you mean by MATTS?
  11. I think it stands for Mandatory Annual Training Tests, although I could be wrong. They replaced ATD's but are basically similar ie a series of military skills and fitness activities.

    Are you sure you're a rejoin? Did you actually make it to the field Army? You don't seem to know much ot what's going on...................
  12. Wierd.. im joining the army to get away from being a career chef!! spent 6 years cooking at various scales (no pun intended) of the kitchen, why do you want a waste a perfectly good career in the army cooking ;)
  13. Evidently a wearer of a dark blue beret shaped like an oversized cornish delicacy
  14. Haha, fair comment mate. Yes I made it to the field army but have been out five years now. ATD's means something to me and at least I now know what you are talking about.

    I'm basically trying to cram five years worth of knowledge into the next few weeks so that when I tip up I don't immediately get stuck with the reputation of a 'Thats how it was done in my day' person.