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phase one

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hey im starting phase one soon and am just wondering is there anything anyone would recomend i bring that wouldnt be on the general kitlist that would make life easier while im there


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Personality, grey man, mk1, keeping out of shit for the use of. Or, more sensibly, if it's not on the kit list don't take it as you'll have limited space for Gucci extras and you'll be expected to crack on with the same kit everyone else has.

Edited to add: my experience of phase 1 is a few years out of date but I assume it's still vaguely similar.
i was thinking that id be limeted to the buckshee stuff. i was going to bring bottle cleaner, toothbrush etc for helping clean rifle and gpmg would i be alowed use them or stick to issued cleaning kits.

a twin would be handy for the blockjobs alright ha

is it ironing board per section or platoon
Stick to the basic kit list given to you for ITC if your going adult entry...this will be available around 4-6 weeks before start date when RG releases it for your specific intake. Don't take buckshee kit as your DS might get a bit pissed off. This has been done 1000's of times maybe worth looking in here but don't be misled by some of the idiotic ideas of things new Recruits have suggested you take. Hopefully Disco will move this in the rightful place soon and not blow a fuse..(he's getting on a bit and being known as the THREAD CLOSED KING )gets a weee bit peed off when ppl dont read the stickies.
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