phase one


Have you been Medically cleared from ADSC????
You still have two Interviews to do yet even before you get a Date for Selection!!
Then it depends on what job your going for????
Need more info
well im currently serving in 3rd battlion PWRR which a TA unit, but have decide to transfer to regs. i dont need another medical just a barb and interview. just wondered what the tipical time scale is because want to get holiday for august but wont if would proberly start phase 1 training


it depends on job choice i think
a guy from my selection his job choice was a dog handler, he would be waiting till jan 2010 for training
so he changed to RE, not sure what trade but he has his training a few week after i start, so middle of june
hope that helps abit mate


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Well I joined the AAC and have been waiting a year and a half now, but my application has been dodgy because I fell ill before my first basic date, but generally speaking in the recession that the country is in i dont think it would be before 2010, but if you join now, you should get banged straight in start of next year. i wish you all the best anyway mate, and good luck.

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