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Phase one preperation.

Fandangohxjg said:
Can anyone please help with some advice on preperation for phase one trainig up at Catterick?

Many Thanks.

Under "Forums", use the search facility and make certain that you spell the key words correctly. You will be surprised by the amount of information available to you.



Starting my training tonight my programme for the next 4 weeks is as follows:

Mon - Circuit Training
Tues - Run 40 mins and squash
Wed - Circuit Training
Thurs - Rest Day
Fri - Gym Session / swim
Sat - Run 40 mins
Sun - Rest Day

Do you think this is sufficent or is there tweaking that anyone would make on this programme. My run time at ADSC was 10.11 hoping to get it down to 9.00 when i start basic some time in May/ June. Is more running advised?


as always I recommend - seems like I'm working with him LOL, but I am not haha. excellent resource for exercises techniques and advice I follow his advice extensively!

get yourself on the forums and post, he posts on the board quite often
Catterick? Phase 1?

I thought it was phase 2 for ITC Catterick?

Fartlek training, sprints, hill reps, followed with swimming and a few long distance runs. Remember to eat properly (no, not bloody chips) and vary your exercises. Also, concentrate on everything rather than just CV.

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