Phase One, First Week Fitness Advice Please!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Fandangohxjg, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Have been training hard for Catterick on May 6th and am slightly worried about my fitness levels?

    My run time is around 9.45 - 10.30
    Sit-ups- 54 in 2 mins.
    Press ups are around 30 in a minute then i burn out! Thats the main problem!! :(

    Will i get held back for fitness at week one or will i be allowed to commence basic phase one?

    Please advise!! many thanks!
  2. It should be ok. I mean admittedly I didn't go to catterick but some of my mates that went there said that the staff were more worried about your run time, which is fine, and don't panic about you r standard on press-ups! you'll be doing plenty of them soon enough! :)

    Also, if you burn out after 30 try doing ten, break, ten, break, ten, break etc.

    You're nearly at the appropriate standard to pass your PFT(personal fitness test) anyway cause it's 44 press-ups and if you're doing 30 then stopping you should be ok.

    Good luck! :)
  3. Try this little beauty for building upper body strength and endurance:

    Find a railing at just below waist height.

    1.Start by doing 20 dips (stand with your back to the bar and grab hold, push your feet forward a bit and keeping the legs straight and extended lower your arrse as far as you can then extend up again.)
    2.Do 5 press ups with your hands on the bar.
    15 dips
    10 Press ups
    10 dips
    15 press ups
    5 dips
    20 Press ups

    You'll notice it's 20,15,10 & then 5 dips interspersed with 5, 10, 15, 20 press ups. This fools the muscles into doing more work before fatiguing and thus you get more gains. When you start to find it easy (or it stops hurting the next day) add a 25 to the appropriate place in each set and do the press
    ups with hands on the ground.

    Make sure you use absolutely perfect technique, nice and slow so you're not using you momentum to help you, and don't rest at all between the sets.

  4. Thanks for the advice and the confidence boost!!

    Start on Sunday any last minute advice?
  5. Don't get too nervous! keep up the fitness for the next few days and spend as much time as possible with family and friends. you may need those memories when you get to training.

    Other than that, go and have fun(and get paid for it! :) )

    Good luck with training! :)
  6. Fandangohxjg,

    If every trainee turned up to Basic with your level of fitness (and mindset) then there would be absolutely no failures due to phys at the end of basic.

    I would not worry a jot about your fitness, you are pretty much there and the PTIs will take you the rest of the way and beyond!

    Just get there and enjoy the whole experience!

  7. Whats the first week like? Is it a steep learning curve or whats the crack!

    Got all my kit list together and i reckon im all sorted!

    Thanks for the quality advice!! :D
  8. good luck fella, sure you will be fine.
  9. put it this way if it were that bad there wouldn't be so mant people in the forces!

    So, just go there have fun and enjoy yourself!

    Good luck!!!
  10. Sound training advice above.....but dont forget to eat well..... lots of carbs (fruit, veg, pasta, rice, bread spuds) to give you lots of energy and ALWAYS make sure it has some good quality protein with it like chicken or fish to help rebuild and repair your muscles. And also remember to keep yourself hydrated with atleast 2-3 Lt of water a day. A clear colured P is the best way to check you are hydrated. Most recruits are in calorie deficit so be sure to eat more than (healthy stuff) you would normally.

  11. You're p1ssing into the wind there, as most recruits here will only eat chips and burgers