Phase A to Phase B time limit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by girl_warrior, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Hey, having just finished my Phase A, I have been told Ive only got 8 weeks to get onto Phase B. If I dont get onto it in time apparently I have to do weekend 6 again. But Im corps with an infantry reg so im going to be doing weekend 7,8 & 9 so to go back to weekend 6 is frankly feckin pointless. In addition to that phase B courses (non CIC) are battalion arranged and few and far between and higly likely to be more than 8 weeks away. My unit tells me they get round it and the tutors at RTC say the opposite. Anybody else had to overcome this?
  2. So are you saying you wont be able to do your phase 2 within 8 weeks? Which corps are you in? Seems pretty clear cut to me, if you do 7 8 9 then you have 8 weeks from then to do your Phase 2? IIRC then that means weekends 7 8 9 will take you 6 weeks ( every other weekend) leaving 2 to do your phase 2.

    Im no authority on this what i will say is brigade will bin you back to weekend whatever if theres a problem (have a look at some of the other threads in here). If its causing you probs, dont be afraid to have a chat with your recruit training people at your unit, thats what they are there for.
  3. You will not be doing w/es 7, 8 & 9, your RTC are the subject matter experts on training recruits (SUT) and how it works, NOT your unit, OA&S (Corps) do not progress past w/e 6 no matter what your unit says.

    Your unit cant 'get around it' as its the RTC, ITW who sign you off as fit to attend TSC(B) not your unit.

    TSC(B) isnt organised by your unit either but sending on them is.

    Your unit is almost right about attending again after 6 weeks but its not w/e 6 its a refresher w/e just for such an occasion.

    If you want more info p.m. me.

    BTW what RTC are you at?
  4. At your trade course you will have to complete pass-in tests.

    THERE IS NO DOUBT that after 8 weeks, FAR more people fail them. Utter waste of your time, of the RTCs and you are taking up a space that could have been filled. The only Corps / females on 7-9 are Officer Cadets.

    Soldier On.

    (Boxy - I thought I wrote your reply! :D )
  5. It's nominally weekend 4 you redo (The WHT) rather than weekend 6, I've heard the refresher referred to as "weekend 10". When I was doing my weekend 6 we had a few refreshers who joined weekend 4 for the Saturday (SAA) and part of sunday (WHT) and joined us late (As in they were holding us up) on the Sunday for the CFT and RMTs.

    If you're not infantry you shoudln't be doing 7, 8 and 9 as others have already said - next stop is TSC(B) rather than CIC and has to be within 8 weeks of weekend 6.
  6. Obviously the only test you do is the WHT...

    LTW is guessing.
  7. Our retakers did WHT and a tab 6 weeks into the 8 weeks .. I was lucky as my very last day of the 8 weeks was the first day of my cmsr ..
  8. (Boxy - I thought I wrote your reply! )

    and thats the scary thing!
  9. Well, it was only a week and a half ago so I don't think my memory is faulty (I'm not that old yet) and they were certainly doing the CFT and RMTs with us.
  10. If you are a Corps soldier (i.e. not Inf) you only have to repeat weekend 6 as a refresher. You shouldn't even do weekends 7-9 in the first place. Weekends 7-9 are Inf TSC(Inf), your TSC(B) is at either Pirbright or Grantham. You must have completed weekend 6 within 8 weeks of your start date for TSC(B). If however over 6 months have elapsed since you completed weekend 6 you will have to start your weekends from the beginning. Details are in CMS(TA) 09 syllabus held by your RTC and they should be the first POC for your PSI on anything Phase 1 related.

    There are still vacancies at Pirbright in March and April as at last week. Bids are made through TRHJ via your PSI/AO (depending on the arrangements at your unit)
  11. Do you happen to know if Pirbright operate a reserve list system? (After a March date, but the one I'm after is currently "full")

    Edited to add: Yes, before anyone suggests otherwise, this has been run via the PSI/CoC, but they're not getting anything back
  12. JD, we're operating on 6 weeks and 3 three months respectively with a dedicated refresher w/e held the same time we run 1 4 & 7
  13. Pirbright do operate a reserve list in the case of drop-outs. Your PSI needs to contact HQ RG TA Course Loading (He should be able to find it by searching his DII address book) who will place your name on their list. You will not have authority to travel to Pirbright however unless you are given a confirmed place.

    8 weeks and 6 months are the periods stated in the CMS(TA)09 syllabus as amended Sep 09. There is no change to these periods in the draft of the next amendment due for Apr 10.
  14. I must have mis understood ours
  15. See the course folder index Page xi para 36.