Phase 3s at Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by acsnet83, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered what the score is with phase 3 soldiers now at Blandford during training are they treated as phase 2 recruits or given some slack, cheers
  2. Just finished my class one at Blandford, apart from doing ANCO duty once a month and the ssm having a hard on about issue boots it was pretty chilled out. Only dramas I had was being a flat NCO with the phase 2's leaving the kitchen area in shit state apart from that we we're pretty much left to our own devices.
  3. Why shouldnt the SSM have a hard on about issue boots? is a training establishment after all :relax:
  4. why should anyone ever get a hard on about issued boots or any of the other menial matters that seem to excite the upper echelons of the RD world!

    training unit or not it is a lot of nonsense!
  5. What would be the purpose of Phase 3 upgraders/short course students wearing non issue gucci/ally kit round a training establishment? Would it be to try and impress the young female Phase 2 trainees who tend to go for the upgraders with funny coloured hats?
    There are lots of stupid rules in Blandford and all other places like it.... but they are the rules for that particular camp as dictated by the Razzman and are there to be adhered to.

    Nonsense they may be but rules is rules, and its only for a short period of time for most courses. Stick to them, pass the course then go back to your normal unit and the real world.
  6. Not quite.....

    You are there as a Phase 3, one of your implied roles insuch a place is to provide an example to the aspiring youngsters.

    Mincing about in whatever the fcuk you want sort of defeats this role model.

    On exercise I would imagine this issued boots issue but probably fade in to obscurtity.

    Certainly sounds like its chilled a bit..... I remember on my phase 3, WE had more parades and a stricter regime than the phase 2s!!! Really made you feel valued as the sprogs walked past in the morning to school, and you were coming off the parade square, after a muster..... every morning.
  7. My time as a Phase 3 in Blandford was a nightmare. Henry had just taken over as RSM and siht rolled down hill fast.

    Pretty much all Phase 3s got extras within the first week. For some reason studying was secondary to the usual bullsiht and we ended up working most evenings as well.

    Apparently it's calmed down a lot now and you can actually do what your there for - studying.
  8. Bearing in mind Blandford is a training unit, what you need to do is grow your hair and sideys longer than your Sgt Major would allow, dig out any old fcuked kit that you might have stashed away but never wear cos its just so knackered. Don't bother ironing any of your kit, and don't clean your boots the whole time your in Blandford, then walk around camp with one or both hands in your pockets, chewing chewing gum, move your cap badge over your ear, and waltz around the bastard place like you're some kind of fecking hero scowling at everyone, (when really all you've done is minced around a vehicle park in Germany moaning about having to do 1 exercise a year). Just like every other cnut does!!!! Do that and when some big hairy scary bastad (me) rips your head off, you'll know why! Do all the above and you'll fit right in, so that all the sprogs and DS alike think you're a jumped up cnut. Happy? Crack on!
  9. Just as a foot note to my above rant. Blandford has changed a hell of a lot. We need smart switched on people to cut about the place so that the toms can look up to you. So that one day they can do the same, after all its a big cycle. We also need Instructors, of a high calibre. So if you cut around the work place all day getting amongst it, think about coming here and doing some good on a grander scale. The rewards are endless
  10. Having just read your above very valid comments it is obvious to myself that you are a person of some great influence with in the afore mentioned military establishment.

    Having preambulated around the establishment I must say that I have noticed many of your soldiers wearing FLAT CAPS, with a cap badge in!!!!! Or were they berets?????

    I was just pondering wether or not you were contemplating equiping these soldiers with whipets to complete the fashion statement.

    Just an idea :D xx
  11. No need mate, EVERYONE has a dog in this place. Seniors, Officers and even the Civilian staff bring their bastad feckin cnut dogs to work!!!!!!! How is this allowed? How the feck are officers allowed to keep their mangy dogs in the mess block? It makes my feckin p1ss fizz!!!!Sick of tripping over every tw@s dog in Blandford
  12. That issue deserves it's own thread - the number of times I have had to step over dog turds and vomit in RHQ corridors. If you can't find an alternative method of dog care during working hours, tough sh*t - lose the dog!
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think you name says a lot about your attitude. You do realise what being in the A R M Y is all about? If you don't want to be a soldier and play by the rules, feel free to fcuk off and be a civvy, you won't be missed.
  14. Nail on the head O/S.