phase 3 or phase 2 what will it be??????????????????????????

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by johnboy401, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. why can't the cadre make their minds up if people who are retrading are phase 2/3. first of all i have been put into phase 2 accom but am told that i can only talk or interact with phase 2 trainees during the working day. then im told that i have to get a grip of the phase 2's. the troop cadre are not sure and can't give a definite answer on what can and can't be done.
  2. There's a few things that need to be known first, what rank are you, are you in a 4/6/10 man room with phase 2's or do you have a bunk in phase 2 accomodation and why would you want to interact with phase 2 trainees. I understand that you want to get to know the guys on your course but why would you want to socialise with 18 year old lads. Or are you being the big man and trying to use your retrader status to pull the girlies.
  3. I can understand ur gripes, I would have thought they should have accomodated you according to your rank. Everyone else gets treated this way whilst down there. The same goes for bars your allowed to go into, personaly I think their should be a screws mess (is their one?? - I transferred into the Corps at SNCO level) and no restriction on which bars you can enter (other than rank).
    I was accomodated in Siggies/LCpl's bunks during one of my retrades, it didn't allow the Siggies time to relax and not a good idea for the Siggies to see a SNCO after a function :twisted:
  4. There was a screws mess uptill about 98/99 it was closed due to lack of use and the lack of commitment to run it.

    It is now the Ibitha bar.
  5. And before that it was the door just before the naafi. Not sure what it is now, Hive office or somesuch.

    Running the screws mess would be something that the permenant staff would have to take on. And they would have to want it for it to be successful. People on courses are unlikely to offer any comitment due to on the lash/homework issues.

    With Blandfords policy of segregation between phase 2 and phase 3 trainees, something needs to be done for the JNCO's, to give them somewhere to unwind and have a drink.

    Anyone know if they plan to reopen humphs anytime soon? If its just closed for refurb no hassle, but if its never reopening something needs to be sorted.

  6. Wait out on the screws mess, the badge is speaking to the full screws about it tonight. I'll inform all as soon as i find out
  7. thanks all for the positive replys to the board
  8. The badge spoke, general consensus is that a screw mess is wanted, although just as a bar using the room next to the ibiza bar.

    Time to wait and see.
  9. It will be reopened, as another restaurant - but don't know how soon or type of restaurant. I would guess it will be open within 2-3 months max - there is money to be made!
  10. Your right DS, theres also a real need for the bar. With the sheer volume of people, they need somewhere to go. The humphs lot never done anything with it, it was always my opinion that they saw it as a money making opportunity - that was obvious as they spent nothing on decoration in all the years they had it.

    Hope it turns into a facility worth having.

  11. I have recently noticed that the sprogs have had their curfew extended to weekends now. Do you think this is good or bad??

    They have to be on camp by midnight, so no late night drinking for them. Little darlings, I do feel for them, for a nanosecond. LOL. It used to just be under 18's, but I was told it has been extended. Can anyone confirm this, apparently its on 11 Sig Orders this week.
  12. I'm not against a curfew, as long as its possible for those over the age of 18 to apply for a late pass or weekend pass etc. Simply banning staying out late in order to meet some duty of care requirement is wrong (IMHO). If application to stay out late or go away for the weekend is used to keep track of where the soldiers are, fine.

  13. I aint noticed any change to the weekend curfew here. Yes the lights out policy has been introduce to ensure silent hours in the block after 0030. But as far as i'm aware over 18's have no curfew at the weekend. Just as long as they don't switch their lights on when they come in.
  14. I only mentioned it because somebody informed me they saw it on orders this week.

    I agree with the lights out policy and that is just common courtesy to others to keep the noise down after a set time, however having a curfew on Friday and Saturday nights for over 18's I strongly disagree with. Okay make them sign in and out, thats acceptable, but don't STOP them from going out.
  15. I just think it's higly amusing that the're allowed out but when they come back in they cant switch their lights on so as not to disturb others. How much noise will a pissed up squaddie make trying to get undressed in the dark.