phase 2's and phase 3's

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cover_And_Fire, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. how come there is a rule that phase 2's cant get lifts home from phase 3's.. cos we arnt allowed to bond with them.. its not like im going out on the piss with them.. im getting a lift cos it would save me like £70 and a few hours travel time.. by getting a lift everyone is a winner
  2. I'm getting the distinct impression that little crows llike you and you winging kind shouldn't be allowed to breath, let alone go home!
  3. Are you going to winge about every single rule and standniog order issued at Blandford ?

    If you dont like it leave
  4. C + F, to save you getting more slaggings from the board, I suggest you either stop posting lots of new drivvle threads or make one post with all you discontented whinges. IMHO, stop whining and consider yourself lucky that you are able to use a computer and internet whilst in training. In my day, we had to pitchfork the WRVS lady to even be allowed to wear 'civilian style' Y fronts.
  5. im at home so fcuk you.. if a phase 2 needed a lift home and he would pay u which would sort out ur petrol money.. but a rule said no
  6. **** off you twatt
  7. Hear hear, and those army T-bags have caused no end of mental trauma!
  8. Thanks for you elloquent and truly insperational reply, C+F. Rules is rules. Dont like it, fcuk off.
  9. It'll save you, LIKE, 70 quid? If you get many more slaggings for your drivel threads, are you going to burst into "yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but"?

    Cover and Fire, official Sigs board Vicki Pollard :wink:

  10. Gentlemen, Please, handbags back to safe. being a serving member of the Corps and having experience of low wages I can commiserate with the leader of this thread. I was only too greatful to contribute to the travelling cost of upgraders when I was on my class 3 and like wise i openly encouraged class 3's to join me on my jaunts home to the same geographcal area of the Uk when I attended my class 1.

    I can only assume that due to it now being a decade later that there is some small clause involving duty of care and the child protection act ( you are under 18?) which prevents this form of transport due to the above reasons. Maybee a Ninja on the topic may help us?
  11. Whooo you can tell it's payday. Cover_and_fire has had his brave juice tonight.

    What's the golden rule in the army. DONT GET CAUGHT. Wanna go home on the cheap then dont gob off about not being able to do it on here so the upgraders then get watched like hawks. Have yourself a look in the Spar and see how many people are offering lifts. Although i wouldnt give a lift to somebody who would whinge all the way home.
  12. The problem is two fold,

    Firstly there are few NCOs who would not bat an eye lid about stripping a young lad of his cash for a lift home, and then not bothering to pick them up on the way back!!

    Secondly we get young siggies who barter their lift and then default on payment... then proceed toget a good kicking off said NCO.

    This all leads to disrepute in the ranks and the Troop cadre and Sqn staff spend valuable time doing admin and discipline action instead of managing their troops, this of course harms everyone.

    Yes in my day in Catterick we all used to pile into some geezers care share the petrol costs and have a couple of tinnies onroute but these are no longer the good old days it is in fact a different generation and a different Army.

    If you are unhappy with current rulings then blame c*ntyb0llocks before you who took the p1ss trying to pull one over the system.

    Cause and effect. You will just have to find a lift off someone else.
  13. Metaphorically of course??!! :wink:
  14. COUGH COUGH.... Of Course, did I say that out loud!!
  15. Disco i thought you would have known better.