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Discussion in 'RLC' started by scoote1012, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi all im new round here, I just passed out of at the AFC Harrogate on the 20th of Dec, and im going to my phase two at Aldershot on the 13th of Jan, Just wondered if any of you senior members new of any start dates for my course, MY trade is Chef. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Welcome to the Corps. The chef training at St Omer is very well swept up with courses starting pretty much every week; you will arrive at 25 Regt and undergo a 1 week induction package and then should start your training the following week. I don't have exact course dates but having served at 25 Regt I know that the chef's spent very little time waiting for trade training to start. Once you have completed you trade training you will go through a MATTs week and then be fired off to your new unit. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for your reply what will i be doing in my insuction week?

  4. Induction week is simply just an introduction to both Deepcut/St Omer and the RLC. You do the mandated Army induction business that covers H&S and the usual dull stuff, you visit the Corps museum, have an interview with your Tp Cdr, sort out any admin with the clerks and get settled into your accomodation. I think they still do a PFT to get a gauge on where your fitness is at too. Nothing too taxing and pretty relaxed as well.

    Edited to correct the influence of Emperor Mong on my spelling.
  5. Thanks for your replys they have helped alot!, Is there anyone on this forum who is going to deepcut for their induction on the 13th?

    Thanks Sam
  6. That's Commando Logistics isn't it?? :lol:
  7. I was the troop NCO for MOY TROOP (the chef training troop) Everything said on here is pretty spot on only be aware that you may not start the training on your arrival at St Omer, You will start it sooner than any other trade but I had recruits that had to wait up to 3 weeks.... it all depends how many of you all there are on the induction. If there is less than 10 they wont start a course till there is.

    When you get there, give my regards to the troop staff and watch out for pictures of me in the naafi shop!
  8. Thanks! for your replys guys its helped alot, Anyone got any idea on what i will be doing if my course does'nt start straight away?

  9. It will involve a rifle and a barrier!!!!!