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  1. Right i'm just over half way through my basic training and was wondering whats the set leave you get before going for phase 2 training?
  2. How long is a piece of string?
  3. haha fair one, ive bin told a few things but wasnt properly sure
  4. The phrase "how long before phase 2" inserted into the Arrse search brings up this... ANSWER
  5. cheers mate
  6. I pass out phase 1 on the 5th march start phase 2 on the 7th of ******* march!!!
    all depends m8 the HCAV lads have got 2 weeks so it depends when you are loaded on to next availible course. 8O
  7. This will depend what Trade your going and where Phase 2 will be. When you get your SPSO visit ask him if he has any ideas but you could find you get put into manpower platoons (or what ever they call them now) at Phase 2 until your course starts. This can depend on finances, civvy instructors etc.