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  1. I'll be training at the Gibralter barracks in minley which is litteraly a 5 minute drive to my house, will I be able to stay there and commute to the base or no?
  2. In a simple word NO! You can come and go at the weekend, but you wont be able to live out just yet young man.
  3. Dammit, well what about phase 3 then? Or is it not until your compeletly passed out that you get your life given back to you to some extent hehe :)
  4. Your joining the Army not going to a new school.
  5. Aye I do realise that but I see cars parked out and about the army bases so I assume you can travel to work and back provided you live within practical range?
  6. The chances of you being able to live out as a Private/sapper are slim to none if your single.

    Once you have passed phase Two you may not even be posted anywhere near home!!
  7. Not while in training. You will become isolated from the rest of your mates while they bond together. They will not be happy as you trot off back to you mums as they then start to get their rooms ready for inspection etc. Also mutual support is vital in training, you get each other through it.

    Once through training and in post it is possible to commute daily to a local residence but this will depend on your rank, time served, where it is and above all your chain of command (make sure it isnt your mums your going back to!).
  8. So how the feck do you get laid on your weekends off???

  9. You want to get your leg over with your mother???? 8O

    Hey.....to each their own!
  10. touche :S
  11. Mon- Fri you live and work on camp (you reside here)

    Sat-Sun you go home and have fun.

    Haha Can do :)
  12. Is that your biggest concern???
    Find a way is my answer!!! We all did (Hotels/her place/dark public places)
  13. Haha. No.

    Welcome to the house of pain. 8O