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Discussion in 'REME' started by m.furo, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Posted this in the joining forum but didn't get to far unfortunately, hopefully I might get a little further in her.

    I'm currently at my phase 2 training and rapidly realising I have made a complete balls up of the choosing a job test! Its definitely not for me and am looking at a possible transfer. However in the various briefings we've had here I've been told several different things, but they basically fall into the following

    A) Transfer is an impossibility, you've got to put up and shut up
    B) Transfer is only possible after completing phase 2 and not before
    C) Transfer is my right and if I want to, and the cap badge I'm transferring to agrees then no one this end can stop me

    Can anyone shed a little light into what are my chances of getting a transfer, I don't want to start bringing it up if theres no chance whatsoever, no point rocking the boat.

    If I can indeed transfer I'm guessing that job availability then comes into play, just like when I first joined. Does anyone know what availability within the REME is like, preferably avionics tech or armorer.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. you can transfer if you current trade is not a pinch point trade!!

    At the moment Armourers have more vacancies than Tech elect/av but that doesnt mean it is not possible!!

    good luck
  3. What are you currently allocated to and where do you want to go?

    What are the relative shortages in each trade group?

    Are you qualified for the desired trade?

    (oh and you remember the form you signed? did you read the small print about relinquishing your rights to everything :( )
  4. Thanks for the very quick replies.

    RAC at the moment and my regiment is over manned as it stands so I cant see it being a pinch point trade.
    I have the required GSCS subjects/grades and at the ADSC they said my BARB and TST scores meant every trade was open to me. (They were trying to push me towards getting a trade both there and at the careers office as they said my choice would not be right for me and I would get bored very quickly, should have listened in hindsight.)

    Oldfart, yes I do recall signing my life away hence was not surprised when I was told no transfers possible, but I've been told by other members of the staff her that its my right to request a transfer under Queens regs. Being a simply lowly crow I'm not sure where to go from here
  5. Clearly you demonstrate the lack of common sense that is a pre-requisite of being a REME technician :lol:

    You can do no worse than ask. Don't mention "rights" simply ask for a Pl Comd interview and explain how this is best course of action for you and the Army.

    If he's REME you're in!

    If he's RAC you're a dead man walking and probably best to keep you mouth shut and wait until you complete Phase 2 then sneak down to the LAD and explain you've been kidnapped.