Phase 2 Transfer

I'm currently at my phase 2 training and rapidly realising I have made a complete balls up of the choosing a job test! Its definitely not for me and am looking at a possible transfer. However in the various briefings we've had here I've been told several different things, but they basically fall into the following

A) Transfer is an impossibility, you've got to put up and shut up
B) Transfer is only possible after completing phase 2 and not before
C) Transfer is my right and if I want to, and the cap badge I'm transferring to agrees then no one this end can stop me

Can anyone shed a little light into what are my chances of getting a transfer, I don't want to start bringing it up if theres no chance whatsoever, no point rocking the boat.

If I can indeed transfer I'm guessing that job availability then comes into play, just like when I first joined. Does anyone know what availability within the REME is like, preferably avionics tech or armorer.

Thanks in advance for any help

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