Phase 2 transfer options(from RMP to dog handler)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Roadhouse, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. if anyone could help with some seriously usefull advice id be very greatful.
    i've just entered phase two of RMP and its not going well. i came here with the torn mind set of if this was the right choice. and i now know i want to be transfered. the staff have picked up on my lack of attention and its got me in some trouble :/ ... so, firstly, is there a way to transfer to DH and if not, how do i leave without being thrown out? because with how my minds at thats where its heading, unfortunityly.
  2. Have you ever considered applying for the Intelligence Corps. They have a DH section, and I am sure you would find an intelligent canine very helpful. I really hope this helps.
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  3. As a member of the RAF Police you could specialise in other roles:

    · As a Military Working Dog Handler you can specialise on Patrol Dogs, Drug Detection Dogs, Arms & Explosive Dogs, Vehicle Search Dogs.
  4. hmm, good call. the problem i have now though is... i cant leave phase 2, can i?
  5. Of course you can.
    Just leave a note on your bed explaining what has happened.Everyone will be fine with it and very supportive of your bold decision.
  6. haha if it was only that simple lol
  7. Make a complaint that you are being bullied. Say it's causing you a lot of depression and that you wan't to be with the dogs to aid your recovery. And get a lawyer and write to your MP.
  8. It's hardly bullying lol he doesn't like me but that's fine. Not bothered about being friends with the man. It's simply my career I'm worried about. If he wants me out he'll get me out, simple. I just need to know if I can transfer or even, if he does kick me out is that it forever. Or can I re join later on

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  9. Anyone on here who could give the OP a serious answer?
  10. I mean I love the small bit of the army I've experienced. Blitzed and even loved phase one. With no dramas at all. Simple because I'm a phys and admin junkie and I kept my mouth shut... I just didn't realise until I got to phase two that maybe the trade I chose wasn't the right one

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  11. Is he for real?
  12. Speak to your training staff or ask for an interview with your Pl Commander. Explain that you are having doubts about being RMP and that your heart lies with being a DH. However, remember that you are in Phase 2 and that its not easy to get where you are these days. The staff might be a little disappointed that you are now having second thoughts when they could be working with someone who is fully committed. (But, they should remain professional and remember that we all have our choices etc). My second caution to you is why DH? What do you think it entails and why is it that you think its better than what you have? My experience of dealing with soldiers in phase 2 (I was an instuctor and then a WO1 involved with a large swathe of REME trg) is that they are told stories of whats good about a certain job and yet not enough detail to form what I believe is a fully informed opinion. By that I mean that I would normally question a soldier on why they want to transfer and would almost always find that their reasoning was light and in some cases flawed. See if you can get a look at life with DHs (not just the finds and exciting stuff but also picking up shite and giving the dog the 2 fingered good news) to see if it really is for you.
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  13. No idea mate.

    However, he does sound like the softer side of the Army that just gets eaten, chewed and spat out. Heart in the right place, wrong choice on reflection. I had three f*** off instructors - they were right of course - but over time, I think so was I - never Army barmy like them or for that matter me old man, but got down to earth when needs be.

    Therefore, when someone is on his chinstraps and from my former Corps, there will be two sides to the story - but the OP needs some help.

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