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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Applicant*Scott, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. At which point do you choose what trade you are going to undertake?
    What happens during phase 2 training?
    After phase 2 are you most likley to get your choses unit?

    As much help needed please:):-o
  2. Did you not choose your unit at AFC Harrogate? I think once you start phase 2 at LH they ask you again.
  3. I only start 11th september this year capbage royal artillary
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  4. Once you start they will ask you which unit your interested in joining, you then have a six week period to chnage your mind - that's how it was back for me in 2003 so things may have changed.
  5. From memory (which is shot) and having been on the Staff at Pirbright - you are put into a trade BEFORE Ph1 (Gunner, Logistics, Air Defence, Mounted for King's Troop, GCS etc). You then choose your Regiment at Ph1 by providing a posting preference - your top 3 - this is considered and you'll be sent to a unit after Ph2 based on 1) What the RA need, 2) Where the RA need you, 3) What you want/where you want to be (in that order). You then attend Ph2 and do the generic Ph2 RA course - you'll receive more training to make you a Level 2 qualified bloke at your unit.

    You can apply to change trades or regiments, but it takes time and still depends on what the RA need and where they need people. The only exception is if you volunteer for 7, 29 or 4/73 (although King's Troop also used to be specialist Volunteer...many moons ago??). If you volunteer for one of these units at any time, then you should move to their books, with a view to doing the specialist courses after Ph2. There is a lot of extra phys needed for these specialist units and if you then de-volunteer, or fail the course (p-coy for 7, All Arms Cdo Cse for 29, Special Patrols cse for 4/73) after Ph2, you will be sent to your shadow regt (probably your local recruiting area RA unit) - NOT where you want to be.
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  6. 29 are always looking for volunteers and only 5 gunners passed the last aacc which has to be passed to join the regiment properly. I realise you are not going to Harrogate until September but the numbers will still be needed for the next few years, particularly after their current tour if the usual jump in leavers happens post operational tour. If you are quite fit, motivated and up for a challenge when tired wet and emotional then volunteer for 29.
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  7. During your last term at AFC(H) you will be taken to Larkhill on a Phase 2 visit, this visit lasts 2-3 days and you usually go to Firepower get a full RA Equipment display and visit 34 Bty whilst they are deployed on SPTA, you will also be given a look at all the facilites that are provided for you whilst you are in 24 Bty.
    Whilst on this visit you will fill in your posting preference proforma, you must give 3 choices, if you are thinking about 29 Cdo, 7 Para RHA, 21 Bty or 4/73 then these specialist Regiments must be taken as a first choice.
    Approx 2-3 weeks later you wikll be called in for a RA nurturing evening and the RA OC will let you know what Regiment you have been assigned to, last intake approx 85% got either their 1st or 2nd choice.
  8. I'm hopefully joining the RA and I'm interested in 29 Cdo, getting through ADSC wont be a problem but I will have to work extremely hard to get to the fitness level for the AACC, do you have to go for the AACC right away or are you able to spend a year or so working in another part of the RA to get fitness levels and a little experience in the army first?
  9. Firstly, don't underestimate yourself - you need to get to Phase 1, so there some time. 3 months there. Then Phase 2, another chunk. Doing all you can, including the specialist PT at larkhill for para/cdo volunteers should see you ready.

    However, if you genuinly don't feel ready, then you can volunteer at any time for 7, 29, 4/73 - just be aware that you'll be in the system and it might be harder to release you.

    Good luck.
  10. Sorry to jump in and hijack it but what actually goes down in the trade training?
    Are we all trained on the light gun, have some driver and signals course? Then when we pass out of phase 2 and at our chosen or assigned regiment we learn that trade? Im hoping to join as an OP ack so im a little bit confused and my AFCO doesnt have anyone from the RA.
  11. Your generic phase 2 training will give you driving and the gunner command systems qualification. Essentially this is communications - and for an OP Ack, no comms = no bombs. You will go to your Regt and get further training in the area you'll work in.
  12. But do we get taught about the light gun or does that depend on the job were given after phase 2. sorry :)
  13. No - unless it has changed recently, you no longer get the guns course (Lt Gun or AS90) or other specialisations. If you've selected OPA, then you'll do GCS L1 at Larkhill and then go to your Regt and join the OPs. The only reason you might go to a Regt and do 17:55:49 Gun courses is if the OPs are full and they need gun bunnies.
  14. That's Lt Gun - pesky Blackberry shortcuts entered local time...
  15. A lot depends now on your BARB score...from last year they stopped sending you in Phase 1 specifically for all the individual jobs and now everyone starts Phase 1 as a RA Gunner.

    If you got below 46 on the BARB you can only go for AS90, Light Gun, Logistics if you got 46 or above you can go for HVM, MLRS, OBVs Assistant, UAV etc.

    Ex Gnr26 is then probably right with what the SPSO RA does next near the end of Harrogate/Pirbright and you will go onto Larkhill to start the specific said its RA Gunner you all start at.

    The only one that you need to of done specialist assesment on is Kings Troop and had a recomendation from them some where in the application process prior to Phase 1 and will be picked up after Phase 1 by the Kings Troop team.
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