Phase 2 training ? (Simple questions not probing)

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*Please note that I do not intend to ask probing questions about what you do on Phase 2 Int Corp training, as I understand its all kept secret for a good reason. Just wanted to ask simple questions.

Hi, Im 27 and considering joining the Int Corps after recently leaving the police, I found that dealing with other peoples problems all the time etc wasnt for me and I constantly wanted something more. Im very interested in doing the intelligence side to the forces and wanted to ask a couple questions. Ive been to the AFCO but havent booked an official appointment yet as they are only open during the week and I dont get a lunch break during the day.

The AFCO were a little sketchy on answers to all my questions, so I thought I would ask here.

The 27 weeks spent at Chicksands, is it Mon - Fri training, weekends off? I ask as I have a family and live a long way from Chicksands.

Is the 27 weeks mostly classroom teaching or is it running around doing operational teaching if you see what I mean?

After completing the 27 weeks, Im guessing you have to do a tour of duty which would I be right in saying is Afghan at the moment? I very much doubt there is any postings to Cyprus at the mo? lol

After you have completed your training and a tour of duty for 6 months, where are you based in the UK for the following months/years ? Is it at the DISC in Chicksands?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to replies.

(If you would rather not post then please PM me instead)
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Be kind Eye Spy! You should take a leaf out of my book and be more tolerant to others outside the Corps. :D

Anyway, I think what Eye-Spy is fizzing about is that there is an awful lot of information in the stickies above that you could use Tpr 101. Nonetheless, I can try to give a view on one part of your post. Hope it helps.

I have been out for many years now but the married men that joined us during my Phase II training were not able to bring their families with them, but we did get mostweekends free. You could even offer to do the duties of others during the week in the vain hope they will swap a weekend duty with you. That's assuming they still do guard duty in the Army.

If you had wanted to continue being a social worker, sorry copper, I assume that you would have been happy to have gone on an unattached course, for 12 weeks or so that was provided to ensure your advancement. Think of it like that, because if your family and you are unhappy with that level of commitment you may find that the rest of your career is extremely difficult. Just a thought!
Generally Mon-Fri, yes. Doesn't mean you won't have work to do over the weekend. After your phase 2 is complete, you will be posted to a unit either in Germany or the UK in most cases. You then could be on tour within months or not for a while, who knows, depends on the unit.

27 weeks is mostly in the classroom, you'll do the odd "exercise" in a tent out the back for a few days, but it is 95% on your ass.
Bound_Apprentice said:
Anyway, I think what Eye-Spy is fizzing about is that there is an awful lot of information in the stickies above that you could use Tpr 101.
fuck a duck. :x

anyway - what he said. locked. trooper101, please post your question in the recruiting forum when you've read the stickies.
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