Phase 2 training, need out!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jman, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently at blandford forum waiting to start my phase 2 trainign as a systems engineer technician. The problem is i really think im not suited to army life i mean basic was busy busy not much time to think about things or anything you did think about you just shrugged it off and got on with it. Since arriving at phase 2 i have realised i am not cut out for army life and i would appreciate advice on how to get out at this stage. I have had an interview with my squadron OC and she didnt seem so pleased, niether did she listen to anything i had to say.
    I feel like im locked up in a prison im still awaiting trade training and dont see the problem with me leaving if it's getting me down and im having sleepless nights over it. Theres no way im going to be benificial to them not bieng able to do my job properly because im depressed. Please could someone advise me with who to see what to say ect...

    Much Appreciated!
  2. Go crying to the Smoking Nun (WRVS Lady) failing that the Padre...
  3. I have already been speaking to the welfare officer, and hes doign as much as he can i guess, but if worse came to worse would there be any point in involving a solicitor!
  4. Put a pair of underpance on your head and two pencils up your nose and claim to be insane,on every question you are asked,simply reply with the phrase "Wubble",it did'nt quite work for Blackadder but you never know your luck !
  5. Don't be a fool. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure you'll change your mind. I felt the same when I left naval basic training and a load of us were held over for a few weeks whilst waiting for the next course to begin. When your course starts you'll think different. Shock to the system and all that..
  6. how old are you and how long have you been in mate? Are u just going thru a rough patch?
  7. I agree with our jack friend above. You need to wait until your course starts. I was stuck in holding Troop for ages waiting for a course when i went through trade training. Its demoralising and pointless. When you start your course things will change - you will be busy learning new skills, up to your eyeballs in homework and this may change your mind about your situation. When thats over and done with, you will be moving out to the field Army and a whole new set of challenges awaits you.

    Give it a fair chance, you have seen about 2% of what the army is about.
  8. Listen mate, once your training has finished and you get to a proper unit, everything will change for the better. Trust me once your in a working unit, you will wonder why you ever thought of getting out....Give yourself the chance for a decent career, otherwise you will look back and regret it for the rest of your life.
  9. Im 18 years old, My DAOR date has passed by only about 4 weeks which the Welfare officer said they shouldnt get too much of a stiff one over. No its been hanging around for sometime now i just shrugged it off before but now its becoming overwhelming. I need a place to call home (yes it sounds sad lol) and i realise that with the army theres alot of moving and alot of time away from friends/family im just not the type of person who can deal with that and i need my freedom which there isnt much of in the army. I know i should have realised this before i signed up but posters and videos dont really dish out the feelings involved do they!
  10. I do understand, honest, its not easy once you start out, everyone misses friends and family etc. All i can say is three years in the forces will fly by, like nothing else, once you get to your unit, you will make a whole new set of mates, and some good ones i am sure, you just have to try and give it that chance, i promise you once at your unit, if your a decent hard working fella, you will get treated properly. I know this is not what you want to hear, and your desperate to get out, but if you cant for some reason or another, your gonna have to try and put all these negative thoughts behind you, otherwise its gonna drag you down big time. All the best pal on the outcome, i have done 16 years and trust me i have not always enjoyed every minute, but for the most part i have, as there are loads of plusses that far out weigh the negatives. If you just want a chat or anything like that please feel free to pm me, as i am here most of the time. good luck mate
  11. Thanks alot, i appreciate it and will take everything you said into consideration its always good to hear something like that. I will update on the situation, Thanks again!
  12. You are not even in the real Army yet and your whinging about how you hate it and its not for you!! If your going to give up at the first hurdle maybe your right and not cut out for this life,How long have you been waiting for a course placement ??? Rather than go whining to everyone who you think may listen why not go see your Troop staff and see whats available to do whilst waiting. I know it sounds harsh but it is true that you havent seen anything of the real world yet.
  13. Jman,

    I agree with the other contributors, that Blandford and training is not the real Army, and you would be better off staying in.

    However, needs must when the devil rides....

    This really should be sorted out by your OC without involving anyone else. Talk to your Pl Comd first, explain the situation (having written out your feelings on a piece of paper first) and ask for an OC's interview.

    For research, go to the unit library or the Orderly Room and ask for a copy of Queen's Regs. Read para 9.4. That will tell you all the reasons for being discharged. Keep them in mind. Bear in mind that being discharged for being a psychopath might not look good on your CV!!!!

    Then ask your OC to allow you to sign off - setting out your reasons.

    The questions she will ask include:

    Where are you going to live once you leave?
    How are you going to survive? Money?
    What is your future going to be?

    If you tell her you want to leave and cannot answer those questions to her satisfaction, she will do the same as me.... dig in her heels. If you want out, you will have answered those questions in your own mind. Caution: answers that include "on the beach at Brighton", "pickpocketing" and "becoming a rent boy for some of the perverts on" will not endear you to her!!!! :lol:

    If that fails and you think you had reasonable answers to those questions, speak to the UWO or the Padre. But they will still ask you the same questions!

    PM me for further advice if you need it.

  14. I went through it too mate, just b4 my DAOR date and flapped big style. But I got my head down and got through. Years later and I'm glad I did, having seen others fall by the wayside. You still have shit days, or weeks, or months (their called excercises on SPTA) but the good outways the bad.
  15. March into the corps RSMs office say, 'Oi, tossa, this is an E, (take the class A drug), I don't like you or you're poncie naff REMF unit or this walking cluster fcuk you call and army and I want out!'

    Once you wake up in the recovery room of Blandford A & E you'll find the ink nicely drying on your discharge papers :D