phase 2 training for main battle tank crewman

Discussion in 'RAC' started by duggan123, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    Im thinking about joining the 2nd royal tank regiment. I was looking on the army website but i cant find much info on what phase 2 training in Bovington will be like. I was just wondering if any ex or current service men could give me a detailed description of what il be doing in phase 2?
  2. Standing around abit, looking at things, marching too and fro, saluting people, learning soldier stuff,why you want to know what phase 2 is like before even doing phase 1, i dunno.

    Prepare for the first phase,the second wont be an issue or worry.
  3. because i can find alot of info on phase 1 but i cant find much info on phase 2 =|
  4. Below are my notes from November 2009 branch meeting of the Bournemouth & Poole branch RTR association, where the guest speaker was a Cpl from 1 RTR who was serving with the RAC training regiment and working directly with phase 2 recruits. I doubt that there have been huge changes the last 18 months.

    The main points (as interpreted by the myself) are as follows, Having arrived from Bassingbourne and phase 1 training the recruits can expect to spend approximately 21 weeks at Bovington although this can vary, especially for recruits who already hold a full driving licence. They start with a 2-week conditioning period that includes Documentation, physical fitness including a PFT and bonding with the instructors. Each training team consists of a Lt, a Sgt. And 3 x Cpl’s who will oversee their batch of recruits.

    The next 3 weeks are taken up with learning to drive, (cars not tanks). After the theory test they get handed over to the BSM instructors who will then get them through their tests.

    Once they are legal on the road they move on to the CIS school (formerly the RAC Signal School) for Bowman (Signal/Radio) training.
    Following signal training they will get a long weekend off. They can then expect a 2-week refresher period to ensure they have not forgotten what they learned at Bassingbourne in Phase 1 training. This period is likely to include adventure training as well.

    At this point some recruits (a minority) will then go onto Gunnery training at Lulworth while others (the majority) do D&M at Bovington. This will take about 6/7 weeks. Finally the last 2 weeks include fitness tests, first aid training, and Drugs/Alcohol awareness lectures (I nearly spilled my beer at this point)

    Mark (guest speaker) pointed out that they do PT every day; the wastage rate is low, only about 5% fail to get through. Only a small percentage decides at this point that the army is not for them and PVR. He also mentioned that the age of recruit varies considerably, you would imagine that nearly all recruits are age 17/18, not so, the number in their 20’s is considerable, there are currently two men over age 30 doing their training right now. Mark stated that having 2 recruits who were older than him was a bit weird. You can now enlist up to age 35.
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  5. Thanks alot man. :)
  6. By any chance does anyone know if having glasses will effect me being a tank crewman and will i be issued a pair of army specs or can i use my own pair during training?
  7. If you're lucky you'll get a nice set of army specs.