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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Woodsey, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Have had a good read regarding the TA on ARRSEPedia and see a wealth of information on Phase 1 training, but cannot find any info on the Phase 2 training.

    Is there anywhere on the web I can find this, I know it's specific and in the case of the unit I want to join it gets even more complicated perhaps.

    For Phase 2 I will do Commando Engineer (fingers crossed I am successful from selection and passed TSC).

    Can anyone orientate me as to what happens in Phase 2 for me?

    I know I'm asking a bit of a strange question but I suffer from OCD and need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, just like to be prepared

    Thanks all, no sarcasm or witty banter necessary, just the info if you'll be so kind ;-)

  2. I take it you are an RE Combat Engineer?
  3. I'm a nothing at the moment mate, I'm just doing the initial paperwork but it's for 131 Independent Commando Squadron RE.
  4. In civvy street I'm a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer.
  5. Ok so you are getting a little ahead of yourself but here goes. RE not being my area of expertise I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me if I go wrong.
    I believe the majority of the sappers at 131 are traded as combat engineersso I'll assume this is what you will train as.

    Once out of phase 1 you will do a number of in-house weekends run by your unit. These will be your Basic Field Engineering and Demolitions modules. There are 6 modules at this stage and they cover:

    Module 1 - Moving Weights, Hand and power tools
    Module 2 - Levelling and cordage
    Module 3 - Advanced Skills
    Module 4 - Explosive accessories/fixing procedures
    Module 5 - Charges
    Module 6 - Demolitions range weekend

    On completion of all 6 you will be classed as a combat engineer class 3. You will then progress onto a camp to earn your class 2 which covers watermanship, bridging and basic construction techniques.

    Alongside this you will do sh*tloads of PT to build you up for the AACC TA which is held at Lympstone (search on here for AACC and you will find plenty of info) and follows a simlar vein as the regular AACC.

    If anyone from an RE background wants to give accurate chapter and verse on this I'll happily copy and paste it into the wiki here: Royal Engineers TA - ARRSEpedia
  6. Thanks very much, that's well helpful. I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but I'm that guy that liked to know everything and can be annoying, lol.

    Thanks again
  7. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Bang On. Phase two is 6 Weekends or can be done as a two week course.

    The is no "Commando Engineer" trade as such. You'll do the normal TA RE stuff to get you to Class 3 Combat Engineer.
    I'm not 131, but from friends who are you can do your AACC either in parallel or before/after your Class 3 dependant on your availibilty/commitment. But they are seperate courses.

    I'd say top tip would be to concetrate on gettng through Phase 1 first though......
  8. Ta very much, just gives me a good picture of everything, I like to be organised.
  9. Also, how long are you at Lympstone for? I heard two weeks?

    So in total it would be: -

    • TSC(A) 6 weekends Aldershot
    • TSC(B) 2 weeks Pirbright
    • Phase 2, 6 weekends Minley
    • 131 Cdo Kingsbury, 6 weekends beat up course
    • Lympstone CTCRM, 2 weeks AACC TA

    Sound right? (I live in London by the way)

  10. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Again, not 131 so I stand to be corrected, but my understanding is that you'll do several weekends down there beat-up and familiarisation. The number varies on your ability (i.e. If you piss it you'll only do a couple but if you struggle you'll do alot more.) after that you'll be back to do the formal AACC which is two weeks (I think...)

    You might not get all the answers you're looking for here. I know its the standard answer to any question in the TA Recruitment forum - but - your best bet for detailed information is to speak to your recruiting team. They'll have all the answers.

    You seem keen mate so good luck to you.
  11. Seriously, you've been a massive help, thank you both very much. Got my head round it now, and I'll look good when I go back to hand in my docs.

    Thanks guys