Phase 2 RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Sappi, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Whats it like?

    What does the training include?

    Whats the day to day routine like?

    Amount of phys, classwork, discipline in the programme?

    Setup of course etc?

    Pros and Cons.

  2. I might just be taking a wild stab in the dark here but... Are you about to start phase 2 and are feeling a bit nervous?

    I wouldn't like to even try and tell you what its like these days though. Apart from you will always here horror stories from the way it used to be, and I can tell you its not like that anymore so don't listen.

    You still get the knobheads who walk around sporting two stripes swinging a cane and a tough guy scowl like they are the RSM of knowitall. They usually like the sound of their own voice but they are harmless enough.
  3. I'm impressed, have you considered a career in the SIB?
  4. It would certainly be a shame to let all this talent go to waste, as you can see I'm a natural.
  5. I was given the final choice of going or staying and im going to go, so as its now in veiw as such i was just wondering what it was like. lol

    Most competent journo's pick a story and stick with it, this wet f*cker cant make up his mind!

    Check his previous posts for details!

    Starts off wanting details of Siggy training establishments, wanders into wanting details of RMP manning levels and winds up asking all the relevant Q's for a tasty piece on RMP Trg. The 'I always wanted to be RMP' thing is a nice new addition.

    Have a look at the questions he's asking and how...

    Either a journo, or a super-bone siggy wash-out b*stard from hell... He'll fit in nicely at South park.
  7. hahaha im more or less the latter...

    I wanted info on the sigs when i was told id be put through basic on an early start date (id have to go Spec Op), i was told i could easily (not proving to be) transfer to my chosen job at phase two.

    Im not a wash out at all, high on my course, great education and experience behind me, just bored and wanting to do what i joined the army to do.

    So ill politley ask that you shut the fcuk up with your bone comments or give some useful advice (which i doubt is possible).
  8. Four words...

    F*ck. Off. Journo. Scum.
  9. lol

    Alright mate, give it a rest...
  10. RPC, still as harsh as ever.
  11. Keep it real and kicking it old school, Reynolds style!

    Death to Journo Scum!!!
  12. Ive got his back. He aint a journo. and WTF t' fcuk are you two (sh1t licking fukkwits?). Ive known this guy for a while now. Stop filling his thread/post full of shit and if anyone does wanna give this dude the heads up about the RMP PLEASE FUKKING DO.

    Its a shame to see you leave fella, but your reasons are right and you know what they are!!!

    It will change ya mate, but so will anything. All the best to ya. i will pm ya

    Ration_Pack_Chocolate AND Red_Brick_Building _

  13. Sappi,

    Try this LINKY

    If you scroll down there is adecent bit on what happens in RMP Phase2 training.

    Good Luck

  14. Thanks for your help mate.
  15. Have you not a job brief?