Hi i am rejoining up and have retraded to Dental from AGC after 5 years service.

My question is do you get a dream list for postings as i really need to stay in the UK for my first posting as i have a daughter and ill folks

And no i aint a welfare case my daughter lives with my husband i just need to be home on weekends is all i ask as shes only 4.


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Have you spoken to the WO2 at the ACIO - good friend of mine...........



sort off, just spoke to my mate who also my sgt rejoiner specialist at wolvo but he thinks theres a dream list but need some sort of def answer that i can get UK. I dont want to be some welfare case just want to be as close as i can to my little girl.


When you get to the DDS TE raise the matter on your mentor's intial interview, the staff there are very good and this scenario is certainly not new to them, they will support you as much as possible. Quite early on in your training you'll complete a Posting Preference Proforma and with 5 years Service experience you'll know how important it is to make sure Glasgow are fully aware of your preferences and why!
Overall, there is a great liaision between the TE and the RADC junior rank postings desk.

BTW, human nature dictates that people are more likely to help high calibre students, who are enthusiastic, determined and focussed on their training - so go there with the riight attitude - it will help too!

Good luck!
I totally agree with amsrugby. As long as you are aware that your personal circumstances come second to the needs of the service, your circumstances will be taken into consideration.

The TE and APC do have an excellent liasion with each other. You should outline your circumstances at the arrival interview, with your mentor and the Support Unit. Being a decent soldier and student will be influential and that is awesome advice.

The other constraint is that your first posting must be at a training practice so that you can complete your 2 year training pathway. These places are less common than postings for trained personnel.

Good luck!

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