Phase 2 Pirbright

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by DeaNHtiD99, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, off to Pirbright for Phase 2 training tomorrow, anyone got any advise. I keep hearing bad things compared to Grantham ? Regarding how hard it is.
  2. It's the same course. There's plenty of advice already on this site if you have a search around. Most of the scaremongering over Pirbright v Grantham comes from those who went to Pirbright many moons ago!

    Keep in mind that no-one can say how they compare because they completed their training at one or the other so can only have an honest opinion on the one they went to (less instructors who may have spent time at both).
  3. Which regiments/corps complete phase 2 at pirbright? I thought it was a phase 1 trg establishment only.
  4. I'm Royal Engineers, 103. Thanks for the heads up guys :)
  5. I assumed he meant Phase 1. As far as i'm aware there is no TA phase 2 at Pirbright.
  6. It's TSC(B) I'm on about, heading off at about 12 to get there from Newcastle, wish ms luck lol
  7. Good luck and enjoy.

    TSC(B) is the second part of Phase 1, phase 2 is your special to arm (trade) training.