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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mummybear, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. After the success of "Parent advice and chat" for phase 1 parents, which was originally set up by somersetlady ( :clap: ), as our son's/daughters have begun to pass out (some literally) from their basic training many of us have asked for a "Phase 2 Parents Chat" to continue the support that we originally felt we have gained from ARRSE members.

    So lets start the ball rolling. I know for myself I've begun to lose track of where your kids have gone to and what areas of the army they are hoping to work in so maybe we could start there by re-introducing ourselves (and for anyone new to this forum by welcoming them to our cosy group :) )

    My son pased out of Harrogate August 2009 and has gone to Arborfield His grades will then determine his ultimate career (Thanks for the advice Disco). So far he's found it a HUGE change from the beautiful surroundings and facilities of AFC but having been given our own tour of the place, by the staff down there, I'm sure, once he settles, he'll begin to love the place as much as he did up north lol
  2. Hi Mummybear :wave:

    My son also passed out of Harrogate in Aug 2009. He is currently doing his phase 2 at Blandford camp with the Signals. He is loving the change of environment and the more relaxed atmosphere. I hope we will get the opportunity to see the camp, no news of any open day for us :( He is now closer to home (2 hours) so hope to see a little more of him this year.

    Lets hear from more of you!!!!

  3. Hi mummy nice to meet you again:)))

    My son also left AFC in August after a fantastic year:)) plenty of ups and downs but came out on an very big UP. Loved it.

    He is of to Bovvey on Sunday, 9th&12th Royal Lancers (3/4). He can't wait to get going.

    And I think it will be big change from phase2.

    Hello Differentgravy fancy meeting you here:))LOL
  4. Sorry, I'm gate-crashing :wave:

    Hoping for some P2 insider information as my son Passes Out in December from AFC(H).

    (Anyway, you'd miss me ......... wouldn't you??? :oops: )

    Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Mummybear nice to meet you again.
    Rose you are one of us anyway and the forum would not be complete without you xxxxxxx
    My son passed out of Harrogate in August. He is waiting to start Bordon on 21st September, he is really looking forward to it and wants to get started.
  6. Can anyone tell me do our boys still need letters to come home for the weekend or are they now deemed as adults now they are in phase 2. When will they do their driving qualifications is it at the end of phase 2 or at any time during phase 2.
  7. Grrr KIDS!!!

    I hardly slept all last night, cried buckets yesterday evening and been worrying all day.....not to mention spending loads on rubbish off ebay to send down to him. All this was because he sounded so down last night when he phoned. Sooooo I phone him tonight to see how he is and he asks if he can phone me back. In the background I can hear sounds of laughter and loads of joviality....they are in McDonalds!! Not sounding fed up, not sounding like he's missing home and obviously not sounding in the slightest bit down.

    There I was thinking he was really struggling with the transition from AFC to phase 2 when in fact he was probably just shell shocked from having to get back into the routine of getting up before 11am!!! You'd think after a year of this I would learn!! :)
  8. Hello Rose and Sjf13 long time no see!!

    You pop on any time Rose:)))

    I don't think they need letters! Gravys Bomerang keeps coming home and I don't think she's been writing letters!!:)))!

    Oh dear mummy the buggers are at it again! Trying to make us feel guilty. I am going to be very careful when he goes Sunday! fingers crossed he is so peed of at home he wont want to come home until xmas!! LOl
  9. Hi sjf13
    No letters needed now, they come and go as they please subject to curfew. I think its 10 on weekdays and 11.30 at the weekend.

    I think the driving depends on the course. My son does his at the end, although he does the theory in a couple of weeks.

    Hi :rose:

  10. Aw Mummybear, it is hard when they sound down and the transition between phase 1 and 2 can be traumatic I should think. All change is traumatic. I think at times it is more traumatic for us. the kids are more resilient. I hope you have a better night tonight Mummybear. The rollercoaster starts again lol xx
  11. Aww Mummy :hug:

    :shakefist: @ mummy's son.

    I think we bought season tickets for the rollercoaster!!! Good to hear he's feeling better about it now, nothing like a big mac to cheer you up! ;P
  12. Hello Mummybear and all others,
    Well here we are at the begining of another journey, son no2 passed out from Harrogate in August 09,after his 3 week break,we drove down to Arborfield where he will be stationed to do Avionics/electronics,thus this is depending on his grades.He seems to be settling in ok,he is in with one lad from his Platoon, and the other 2 are older. Son no1 is stationed at Chatham,so he is only an hour away from his brother.Hope every one elses sons and daughters are settling ok ,xxx
  13. Yippie! :whew: Us phase two parents have a place back on Arrse - thank you mummy and of course Mr Disco. :D

    My son passed out of the AFC(H) on the 13/08/09 - what a wonderful proud day that was. :aww:

    He started his phase two on the 30/08/09 at ITC(C).

    So far he seems to have settled in there, he now feels a like 'proper' soldier, in with the big boys, 9 more long weeks to go yet though! :roll:

    May I wish all your sons/daughters all the best for their phase two and PLEASE, lets keep this thread alive! :hug:

    Edited, due to Disco's advice!
  14. Hello to you all ,
    My son left Harrogate in Aug 09, He's now based at Larkhill I was worried about him the first day he started because he was ready to come back home in the evening but now he has settled in fine went to parents day last saturday and it was fantastic met some lovely people and his friends are all mad like him lol
    He's away this week training and he might be home the weekend.
    hope every ones son/daughter are all ok and enjoying phase 2 training.xx
  15. Hi Guys

    My son passed out at Pirbright in August and is now at Leconfield on his phase 2.