Phase 2 Officer application

I’m currently starting Phase 2 at ITC Catterick and have placed a Regular Officer application in, as I considered commissioning before ultimately deciding to join as a soldier and I have the A levels required to go to Sandhurst.
My platoon staff are relatively supportive of their recruits’ career ambitions in terms of giving advice on Support Company cadres, not standing in the way of transfers etc.

A few questions:

1) I understand that the application process will likely not be completed before I pass out of training, but do I let my platoon staff know immediately of this decision or wait for the application to progress further? Ive been led to believe that the earlier a soldier expresses interest in Commissioning, the better.

2) Have people gone from Phase 2 to Briefing before?
In my last unit we had a couple of soldiers go from Ph3 (Subsequent Trade Training) to AOSB, pass and go to RMAS. I would wait until you get to your unit. You will get a series of interviews with the RCMO and the chain of command who can support your attempt at AOSB. If you're not in your late twenties then you have plenty of time.

I don't subscribe to the fact that loads of time in the ranks will make you a better officer; either you're a good (potential) officer or you're not. I have seen plenty of examples of both. If you don't get through AOSB, get your head down a become a good soldier and you won't be left with the feeling that you never tried commissioning.

Good luck.

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