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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rewan, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Sorry to be a pain in the arrse if this as already been covered but using the search function is bringing me pages and pages of posts containing one or two of the words I'm searching for!

    My query is this, what sort of leave do you get during Phase 2 training? I'm going for the EW Op role and if successful will spend 54 weeks down at Blandford which is a looong way from home and more importantly my missus so just trying to get an idea of how much time off we'll get so I can shut her up!!

  2. I honestly can't tell you as I have no experience, but I'm sure a phonecall to your ACO or if you query it on the army.mod live help section then you will get a quick and accurate response.

    Out of interest, is being far away from home and the other half an issue for you? Personally I'm thinking the distance could be a blessing in disguise :thumright:
  3. Quite a few weekends? And normal leave like Easter I guess?
  4. Struggling to get through to the office at the moment and the live chat doesn't seem to be so live!

    Regards to the being away from home, not at all - just need to say to her I'll be home roughly this much, deal with it! :)
  5. Who you trying to kid. No doubt she's got your balls in her handbag like most women. lol. :)
  6. Haha, busted! She has indeed mate but I like to act big on t'interweb! lol.
  7. She'll have other men's testicles bouncing off her buttocks as soon as the OP leaves the house for Blandford.
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  8. Haha, I hope not otherwise she will swiftly be shown the door!

    Thanks for everyones help, I have now got the info I was looking for, in case your interested here it is -

    All soldiers are entitled to 4 free travel warrants to return home on leave and 38 working days of leave per year. Leave time is programmed into your Phase 2 trade training where possible and there are some other opportunities at various times to take leave ensuring you do not miss any critical course instruction or examinations.

    Weekends will usually remain free, though through out the year you will be expected to attend Inter-Squadron events and exercises which take place over the course of a weekend. Plenty of notice is given for such events, giving you time to plan around them.
  9. Well as an EW Op Phase 2 SUT with a fiancé, I can put you at ease!

    You get pretty much every weekend off, unless someone from your troop gets the lot of you on a re-show for Saturday morning, and there are a couple of range weekends, but otherwise you're free to do what you like come Friday afternoon. I've gone home every weekend bar two for the last 4 months I've been here, and I live down in Kent, so it's a 4 hour journey back, but I just do a bit of reading to pass the time and it's all kosher.

    There's always signs up in the shop with people offering lifts to the north, going rate is £20 normally and that gets you a pick up and return. If you get the train the nearest station is Salisbury, and that's a pain to get to - there's an army run coach at 1700 on Friday, but it gets you there at about 1745 and if you live a long way away you won't get in til midnight. It's easy to scrounge a lift for a fiver though before 1700.

    Every 7 weeks of trade training you get course leave, and if you have enough days to take it off, you get a week. Next one is at 14 weeks, and basically continues in a 7 week cycle. As EW you'll have to do a portion of your training at Chicksands, and it's the same story there. There's a gap between leaving Blandford and going to Chicksands though, at which point you can apply for Satisfied Soldier and get sent off to work in your local careers office for however long you're out of training. Means you can spend time in your home town and the like, it's pretty good.

    As long as your other half is alright with not seeing you until the weekends, you're all good.

    You also don't get travel warrants anymore, gotta pay for it yourself, but an Armed Forces Railcard saves you bundles of cash.

    Hope this helps!
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  10. Ah, AlphaKennyThing that is brilliant help thank you, although I have another question for you! If you have your own car are you allowed to bring it and park on base during P2?
  11. Alpha kenny is spot on with what he has said and as he stated everyone takes block leave so it is near impossible to take leave outside these dates as your on course (compassionate cases and individual requiremenst taken into consideration). Bit of a bone question though about taking your car to phase 2 as how do you think phase 2 students offer lifts to others if they didn't have their cars there?????? so yes Phase 2 students will have cars and like most phase 2 establishments you will see loads of youngsters buying brand new cars as get free insurance but once the years free insurance is finished and they can't keep up repayments the car transporters will be there to pick them all up just like SEME Bordon.
  12. I kinda realised once after I posted that he'd already answered my question, case of not egaging brain before typing - sorry!
  13. Its what happens when you search.

    Glad I could help.
  14. Thanks! :thumright:
  15. no problem. Spiffing to meet you, old bean. :thumright: