Phase 2 laptop?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by VarSity, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. I will be starting Phase one in January, followed up by Int Corps Phase two at Chicksands and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth getting a cheapish laptop for phase 2?

    I very much get the impression Phase 2 is going to be a learning experience, so what do you think? Do you think a laptop is a useful study aid when doing Phase two or do you not think its really required?
  2. That depends entirely on how much and what type of porn the SNCO conducting your inspection likes to see when he views your room. The flavour of the month back in the day was German wenches... :p
  3. Yeah I remember before we had the internet as well.
  4. This guy is a genius. You should join the Int Corps.

    Back on thread. I personally would not bother with a laptop. The majority of your work is going to be restricted at least, in which case if you process it on your own laptop, it then becomes the property of Her Majesty and you will have spent approx £300 on nothing! I will forgive you for this little mistake as you have not done CI/Sy trg yet.
  5. I was mulling this question over myself; I think this bit of info just tipped the scales! 300 more beer tokens for me!
  6. 300 more beer tokens and quite possibly avoiding your very first AGAI!

    Everyone's a winner.
  7. I must admit, having a laptop with 3g tinterweb when I was going through would have been a godsend for research, up to you what you spend your money on but you wont be allowed to actually do any work on it, as most of it will be RESTRICTED, as has been mentioned here.
  8. This is what I was thinking, I assume what access to the net on site is limited/over crowded?

    EDIT: To be fair I think I get a mobile phone upgrade about the time I start phase 2 so something with decent internet access might do the job research wise... hmmmm.
  9. And then you can leave it on a train! :roll:

    God, is it me or does the current generation wet itself at the thought of being away from their computers for any form of "research" for even a minute.

    I know I am being old-fashioned but the idea of hoardes of young 'uns committing all they are told in Phase 2 to virtual memory and then clicking off to put a stupid picture of their stupid faces all over facebook is just a touch worrying!

    Back in my day..........blah, blah, nurse, Zzzzzzzzzz! :x
  10. Yeah when I was there the internet suite've guessed it, only open during the day, fcuk lot of use that! I think there was one night a week where it was open till 1900 and yes it was always overcrowded! A 3G dongle would be a very good investement for a Templar recruit, they can cope with google and wiki etc.........however! you still need to study books and other sources, the DS will not be staisfied with a bastardised Wiki entry! You have been warned...
  11. Decent research techniques will be instilled at Templer!!!! :wink:
  12. Glad to hear it - I can go back to sleep now, and dream of Jane's!
  13. Bring back manual card index systems!

    Always served me well when I was a lad fighting johnny terrorist in Belfast blah blah blah!!!!!
  14. I'll be seeing you in January mate.

    PM sent.

  15. With regards mobile broadband at Chicks.......

    I've already checked out the earlier thread which said 3G gives good coverage how about Orange.

    (I know it's boring but I don't want to waste cash on something which won't work properly.) Speed is my other concern (I intend on watching BBC I Player a lot from it.)