Phase 2 - kit / stuff to take

Discussion in 'REME' started by Firthy556, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Start my phase 2 on monday, had a look round couple of weeks ago but forgot to ask a few bone questions like could I get away with bringing my guitar and amp and is there wifi internet available to the accomodation blocks.

    I'm sure I'll think of some more boner ones soon but these shall do for now.
  2. depends were your going, your personal locker should be a lot bigger than the one you get in phase1. So you should have room for your banjo.
    Most blocks have wifi(or wifi areas), or are being upgraded to have wifi.
  3. If my block has wifi i'm going to upgrade my little crappy netbook to something a bit more substantial and shall never be bored again. We only had a fleeting visit to a room when we did phase 2 visit but it did seem to be locker galore think i will just rock up with them and see.

    Not sure whether to just take my tele incase no one else does, worse case being we have 4 teles in one room...
  4. Or... You could leave all your hardware at home (it will only get smashed by your floor senior when he comes in pished and you weren't there with him), buy a load of trapping gear and get yourself away out on the lash with your new room mates in the multitude of watering holes near your new barracks. You never know, you might meet a real woman rather than being groomed on t'interweb by a middle aged avionics tech dressed in a kids cinderella outfit.

    Good luck.
  5. Hmm, WiFi in the blocks- You are definitely not talking about Bordon.

    Which Camp are you off to? 10 or 11 Trg Bn?
    If its Bordon, take a sense of humour, an internet dongle (or get a mifi from 3 and have your own little wireless hotspot)
    you'll get 2 main lockers, 1 half the size of the other and two top lockers.
    Anything you want to keep will need to fit into the smaller of the 2 to avoid it getting pinched (your big locker is for your mil kit)

    Room inspection by pl comd once per week- some pl have the corridor senior walk round every morning.
    And ref the TV- get a TV license, it will make your life simpler
  6. Looks like im not taking my guitar then.

    I'm taking a car down but I want to get a bike quite soon I don't imagine I will be allowed both on camp at the same time?

    Also if I got a mountain bike would there be anywhere to keep that?

    edit: 10trg it is
  7. Take loads of spanners and hammers, you'll need them.
  8. There's no reason why you wouldn't be allowed both a bike and a car on camp as long as they are both insured and taxed however I would just go with one or the other. Be advised that dicking about in motor vehicles is still a big killer of young soldiers (& tragically happened to a phase 2 soldier at Bordon very recently) so chose carefully.
    As for all your kit, of course you'll want to be as comfortable as possible whilst at 10 and when I used to do room inspections I always thought better of lads who turned their bedspaces into mini homes as it showed that they weren't drones and that they were happy to pitch up anywhere and get on with it. You have to balance this with security of your stuff as unfortunately thefts occur (although rarely) and squaddies together end up breaking stuff far too easily.
    Your best bet is to tip up with minmal kit, get a feel for the place and then trickle stuff in as you go.
  9. Thanks alot not bringing my tele or my guitar pretty much all milkit and not too many civvie clothes, not intending to wander off camp for a while and get into the course as much as poss. Am bring a little netbook though to type notes up etc as i hate writing notes.

    Also just remembered a biggy, do we need to bring ironing boards or is there any lieing around?
  10. Take plenty of trapping kit, you will go stir crazy if you dont get out. Plus it's good to get out and have a few drinks to chill out after the kremlin has fried your brain. :)
  11. Wifi in blocks and bordon, just LOL. Parking is stupid at Bordon so I would say just take your bike.
  12. Ah well I'm here now and yeh no wifi but free internet on these pc's does me.

    Seems theres plenty of space for mountain bikes and going to buy one soon I think.

    Wish I had brought my guitar and tele now as they would've been perfect for in my room, can easily fit them in and we don't get lockers inspected.

    And yeh, parking is a nightmare.
  13. Don't forget wifi is free at the wrvs! Just take your netbook up there

    And ref your mountain bike- don't even dream of taking onto the TTA, the ASM there will throw a track!
  14. *grumble grumble* Personally I'd say print out the webpage from the TVL that states you don't require a licence and staple it to the door. But that probably wouldn't go down too well there. :)
  15. Help my son starts phase 2 Bordon 6th sept as a vm does he need his own set of tools or are they supplied.cheers