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Hmm.. well.. is Phase 2 in the Artillery pretty relaxed so to speak? I know they do like long distance runs, log runs etc, but other than that it's pretty much Theory, theory test and then waiting? It's just that my mate who's doing it seems to be not doing much at the moment, and finds it hard to get something occupying. I just want to know like what you do in Phase 2 etc., and how come your job title seems to be different to what you'll actually do at the regiment :wink:
Long distance runs? Log runs? Not unless he has volunteered for 7 or 29 unless it has changed massively since I was a TC there.

You do your trade course:

Level 1 Guns AS90 or Lt Gun
Level 1 ACS or GCS (whatever it's called this week) - signals

I can't remember if there is another Level 1 course, but we never used to do Air Defence (because the RAF taught it later), MLRS (ACS was what you needed at first), OP stuff (you will be a signaller first - ACS), Radar (signaller again).

You were also mandated to put eveyone through a driving course (at least their B licence, but sometimes B+E or C and C+E).

The reason there would sometimes be delays (especially this time of year) is the number of troops there (100+ normally, this time of year with Harrogate output 300+) and the number of courses that can be run.

We used to keep their time as SNITs (Soldiers Not In Training) to an absoilute minimum, but sometimes people would be delayed by 2 or 3 weeks.

the problem used to come where the funding from ATRA didn't provide any extra money for the guys that couldn't be put onto a course immediately or were waiting for the next course. The funding budget was for arguments sake 6 weeks - 4 weeks on a Level one course and 2 weeks driving. Any extra time wasn't funded.

This may have changed slightly due to the Deepcut enquiries and various other studies into training environments where boredom was cited as a major reason for people signing off, trying to sign off, going AWOL or getting "depressed".

If your mate is sat around, see if he can ask his Tp Sgt how long until his next course - the courses clerk plots each individual through Phase 2 from arrival on a spreadsheet and should know when his next course is due.

I suspect he is twiddling his thumbs due to the 200 odd Harrogate arrivals that just flood the system every time...
Yeah thanks for the reply, finally ;)

He's just twiddling his thumbs pretty much. Recently passed the theory side of it, I imagine the AS90 bit.. and is going to an MLRS Regiment doing signals so I guess that's what happens. He reckons he could be there beyond Christmas.

Other than that, yup pretty bored :p
There till beyond Christmas?? I reckon he's talking bollox, or has failed something and needs to be re-tested.
beyond christmas!!!!!!!!! well i would want to stay there if i knew i was going to 39 regt RA lol
ive been at larkhill in phase 2 since july 30th and im finishing in 2 weeks. Harrogate lot have been there a few weeks now and some of them have got Fn ages til they get out of there but things are changing there this winter, wen it changes u will do B theory (1 week), Level 1 Gunner command systems (2 weeks) then b contract (1 Week) then leavers week. apparently phase 2 soldiers will do a land rover conversion course but i dont kno for certain.
only specialist like 7 RHA, 29 Cdo, 47/3 and 21 AA bty (where im going) do log runs and specialist pt on tues and thurs while the rest do sports.
In his recogning he will be yer.. cause he isn't actually training yet last time I heard from him.. sort of in holding and waiting to begin? Or so I believe, haven't spoke to him for a while.. but still, personally, I wouldn't really be bored.
Okay he got shin splints and is being discharged due to failing assessments of health. Hope he joins up again when he can, best thing he ever did.
RoyalEngineers said:
Okay he got shin splints and is being discharged due to failing assessments of health. Hope he joins up again when he can, best thing he ever did.
maybe im wrong, but why is shin splints a discharge? iv had then before, from overuse and they healed up fine in a week. if he had them from running problems, surely orthotics would solve it?

with all the exercise recruits do id imagine shin splints are one of the more common injuries, and the army site says 85% of people in rehab pass out.

also, for a serving soldier, they can be downgraded for 18 months before discharge.
He had them for a few weeks and then to assess his capability to continue training he did a mile and a half run. I rang him, he said he failed and so he doesn't know what's gonna happen, but a few days before the run he said that he might be getting discharged. Tbh he isn't the fittest of people anyway.
He should be ok - it only used to be the fat bluffers that would be asked to leave - if he is keen and showing progress in his injury and fitness, they will (SHOULD) keep hold of him. The only issue with him hanging around unfit and injured is the risk of him getting "depressed" at not training and becoming disillusioned.
Hmm well all the best to him, sounds fair to me.. Hopefully he gets the chance to rehabilitate but I don't know the full picture as is understandable.
Okay what happened was they wanted him to do the bft 1.5mile run and he failed to meet the 10.30; his splints are healed up , failed due to self admitted bad fitness. He thinks they might give him a chance to get fitter and such like, as the army is short of men anyway and much money has been invested in him thus far, driving liscence etc, but they haven't got back to him.. he's still carrying on with training though.

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