Phase 2 HELP

ive been on compasionate leave for awile and i am about to continue my traning and move onto phase 2.

however wilst on leave i have decided to join the RAC rather than the Infantry due to personal reasons(nothing to do with thinking il get an easy ride in the RAC)

my problem is apart from knowing the basics off the RAC like what my job will be where i will be based and so on i know very little else about it.

so i was hoping you guys could give me some advise and info on

1.RAC customs and brife history for out in the field now that ill have a CVR(T) with me (eg what specific kit wolud make life less streesfull)
3.And any other info you wise people think a recruit in the RAC should know

i am specificly joining QDG so some regimentle info would be good as well
I assume you'll be learning to be a driver first, it would be wise to swot up on the basics of the combustion engine, specifically the diesel - it makes the Driving and maintenance section easier to understand.

The RAC has a very long and distinguished history either from the cavalry aspects stretching back hundreds of years or the more recent, and more relevant armoured history starting with the Royal Tank Corps (now RTR) in WW1. Once again it would be good to check out a few books. Might be worth visiting the Tank museum in Bovington to get an idea of the history of armour? You'll get the chance whilst doing Phase II no doubt.

Check out the QDG website or Regt HQ for more info - they'll be impressed your looking into their history and will hopefully go out of their way to give you info.

Kit to make life less stressful - food will be cooked for you in the vehicle using a BV (boiling Vessel) this means that you also get constant hot brews so invest in a good thermos flask which can be fitted in a webbing pouch - it has to have a screw lid though - the plastic cup variety is pants.

Get yourslf a nice warm scarf type thing - i think they're called Buff's, this will keep your nose and chin/neck warm whilst driving in cold wind and rain, get waterproof gloves too.

Think that's enough for a start - any more questions PM and i'll try to help.
Alright mate , Dont worry about your kit and all that sort of stuff . As a Trooper in the RAC as long as you listen to what you are told , dont gob off , turn up at the right time in the right place with the right kit that is 3/4 of your job done . When you pass out of bovington , if you do go QDG you will arrive at your first SQN you will be put into a troop , it might not be as a driver of a CVR you may be a dismount in command and support SQN . That is when you start to learn the important stuff for your job . Your troop CPL will tell you what you need etc then , so dont worry about it yet .
any questions pm me i will be at bovvy in a few weeks so i can help there .

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