Phase 2, few questions

Hey, i passed out of phase one last friday and am looking forward to going to phase 2 at deepcut next week.

I am down a sa postal/courier operator, but want tot change, either to ammo tech or driver/rad op. Will i be able to do this?

What should i expect? is it just like phase one or what?

How long will it be till i start driving?

If someone could give me as much detail as to what phase two will be like i'd be very grateful as obviously i dont have a clue. Thanks
Hi Neil88,

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer any of your own questions, but I do have a few myself for you and others. I recently passed RSC last week and have now got my date to start basic on November 21st. The only thing is I've gone and injured myself and I'm also off on holiday for two weeks, so I will be unable to do any quality training. What type of fitness should I be at when attending basic? Should I worry or would you recommend just relaxing and going with the flow?

How did you find phase 1? Do you have any tips or advice for starting phase 1?

Thanks and well done ;)
Just go with the flow really and make sure your injury is healed. As long as your not unfit when you start you'll be okay. When i started there was people doing the mile and a half in 12 mins. Now everyone in the troop is under 10. PT is hard, but at the end of the day its only 80mins long. And they arent gonna make you do anything impossible. As long as you have determination to keep up on tabs and not come last you should be fine. You'll have a great twelve week.
I was there when the slaughter was ongoing.....

Watchout for sh1t accommodation, not enough NCO's to supervise, a long wait (several months) to get up to Leconsfield to do your HGV, being miles from anywhere and obviously watch out for 5.56mm.

Anyone remember Alpha 8 - Bentons Gate?


The simple answer is yes. But make sure you tell the chain of command as soon as you start Phase 2 so they can get you a career interview set up.

If you want to go AT then be prepared to work hard, speak to other potential AT's at Deepcut to get the gen and see if you can swot up on the reading pack and search out the ATO who hangs around there and ask him loads of questions. He is a Major, but don't worry there is loads of um in the army their 10 a penny.

To add to Dibbles comments, you may find it a little disheartening approaching a Major for Q&A. There is also a young AT Sgt posted with the RLC Recruiting Team. If you get to Deepcut, then speak to your chain of command to arrange a chat.

The work load is fairly hard but promotion and pay are better than the P&C Op but you need to be prepared to put in the hours. I can't take the p!ss but things like your english and maths may need polish but you'll get practice if selected. If your worried then - 1, sorry for mentioning it and 2, your AEC run simple packages you can do in a day etc.

Key thing though, was basically made by Dibble. Get it sorted ASAP, but don't hold out on the driving licence until after the AT Course.
Fair comments, my english is okay lol. Just dont put much effort in when on messageboard or chat. I understand why you would think that though. Going to deepcut tomorrow and will make sure to take all the advice on board. Thanks alot.

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