Phase 2 deepcut

Starting phase 2 at deepcut form monday any one know what its like there?

How diffrent is it from basic? any help be great
What trade are you????
Could be there a while Deepcut you make of it what you will Im afraid
From what I can gather its a round robin of reteaching Phase One lessons and stagging on with the odd Litter picking thrown in for good measure
Dont think your career starts until you get to your first unit.
Am there for 5 weeks so I make the best of it.

Is the accomadation going to be worse than basic?

keep your head down. Those live fire exercises are hell !!

poet said:
MSI64 said:
What trade are you????
Sub spec
No you're not - you're going to be a supplier, which is the Sup Spec and Sup Con trade all rolled into one.
Deepcut is like any other phase 2 training establishment some good things some bad, and you're more likely to get shot in Yorkshire to be fair; Deepcut just seems to have caught the public imagination rather than places with worse problems.

The accommodation is particularly shite, despite having thrown several Generals around it the blocks are still shagged. However, you're only in them for 5 weeks and those blocks are better than the tents/trenches/foxholes/sandy/freezing other types of places you'll end up serving in throughout your career.

There could be a bout of stagging on, but these days the gate guards are mostly MPGS or MoD GS. Deepcut is quite different these days probably in terms of ethos and also in ownership - it is not an RLC/(RAOC) owned Depot anymore and it is slowly getting better as resourcing is improved.

If you want any other info PM me.
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