Phase 2 CMT training at Keogh

Hey everyone,

I've tried googling but can't find any photos or info on what the barracks are like? How's the accommodation and facilities?

Thanks in advance.
Accomodation is alright, you get a quilt, keep the windows closed or you'll get fined for birds shitting in your room (there's a helpful sign on the Windows reminding you of this).

Facilities are okay, foods good - it's PAYD. There's a Costa, a little PRIesque shop in the Museum and a few okay bars nearby although if your Ph2 you'll have a curfew - if you go a little further afield theres some towns with decent bars and a couple of clubs.
Ive seen some pictures of the phase2 accommodation and it looks ok. Modern with 8 men to a room, functional lockers (ie lots) there may even be carpets.

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