Phase 2- CIC at Catterick

How you get treated depends entirely on the regular instructors you get, when i was up there my platoon had a mixture of RLR and DWRR NCOs and they were great, treated us with respect and as long as no one messed up they werent too hard on us.

On the flipside some of the other platoons got beasted for such trivial things as breathing and blinking.

Also i didnt find it as hard as people tried to make it out to be, so keep you head down, stay switched on and you will enjoy it
be the gray man my friend,be switched on in the field n get your head into drink as much as you can when out try harrys in town. p.s hopefully ul get jacket instruc
Do What you are told, when you are told
Be where you are supposed to be. before you are supposed to be there with the right kit.
Listen to what the instructors tell you, then put it into practice.
Make sure your kit is always squared away.
Never Say "my TA instructor told you to do it this way". :evil:
Do not be a gob$hite.
Pack a sense of humor. :twisted:

p.s. Welcome to the Infantry, You'll have a great time. :twisted:
Keep neck in back of collar, chin up, thumbs pressed down and you will be fine....................It makes no difference what badge the instructor is all are equally as good, in there own way. Enjoy
As was said earlier. It all depends on your instructors. I had a load off assholes who loved throwing everyone's stuff out the window while it was raining, room inspections every morning and a severe lack of humour in my section. I spent 3 days straight sitting on the range getting pounded by the sub zero elements. I'm incredibly proud I did it and after that none of the exercises ive ever been on since seem to be a challenge at all. On the other hand some of the other guys had it reasonable easy with nice instructors and a good group of supportive guys around them who wanted a laugh. Go with an open mind and you wont be suprised.
Work hard , grip anyone in your section that fcuks about, be 5 minutes early for everything, expect the unexpected.

Show enthusiasm at all times, even when you're gibbering on Feldom, attack each task set with relish. Don't fall asleep on the Ambush phase. It gets progressively harder. Don't finish the days' work, then mong, there's admin to do first. Don't drink booze in your room, help your slower oppos. Don't whine and whinge, go with a fund of "Funny when it's 2 in the morning and pi55ing down" jokes. Smile all the while.

Pay attention to your drills, make sure your WHT's are up to standard before you leave. Phys side - Assault course, 2 CFT's (possibly) one is sneaky and enjoyable, because it has a purpose. BPFA for sure , and doubling everywhere (because it's quicker) If you're unsure of anything, ask your instructors, but don't ask questions for the sake of being an arrse kisser.

Show enthusiasm. Throw yourself into every task going , it keeps you warm too.

Keep mouth shut and ears open. Take as many spare sets of CS95 as you can , iron them all before you go. It's amazing how good you feel, when you have a freshly pressed set of 95 on a hangar after the assault course , and no buggering about. Took enough lightweights on my course, to avoid having to do any pressing or ironing until the penultimate night. Take 2 sets of boots. Obvious you'd think , but some don't. Take a padlock for your locker, you share a block with not just TA CIC.

Bootcleaning kit -lots. Iron, take one and sack the boogie box unless you have an MP3 player. You'll be making lots of notes, so plenty of stationery.

Work hard and be smart from the outset. After a while, your Section commanders will warm to your section if you do work hard. You'll know when this happens, because they'll offer to sell you all their gash bollox, which of course STABS can't resist.
Its very easy mate.

Compared to most regular training and exercises its relaxed and not very demanding.
Two 4 mile CFT's and a BPFA is about as hard as it gets.
The worst part of it is waiting around on the ranges for all the mongs who don't know which end of their weapon to point down the range, everything takes twice as long as it should because the TA encourages complete mongs to join up just to make up the numbers.
I saw one fat waster take 17 minutes to run a BPFA and he still got marked down as 'passed' CIC at the end of the two weeks.

You need to be running at least 3 miles in 21 minutes a few times a week to get through the physical side of it without too much trouble.

Keep your mouth shut and your ears open and remember that for those 2 weeks the army owns you, you are under military law and they can and probably will dick you around.

Other than that then just enjoy it. If you are serious about the infantry then this will probably be the easiest course you'll take, after this you can start looking at some proper challenges - unless you are just looking for an easy ride, like some of the ranked oxygen theives floating around in the TA Infantry.
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