Phase 2 CIC 27/03 - 09/04

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PteG, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone on here is booked to go to catterick this weekend for their CIC 2 week course??

  2. Im sure you wont be the only one. Enjoy the rollercoater.
  3. I'm looking forward to it, was a bit anxious as my first medical i was failed on due to high blood pressure but was retested last night and passed.

    Have you been???

  4. Do you think it was the worry of having a medical that made your blood pressure high or was it a one off. I had the same problem when I did the medical to join the TA. He took it 3 times in the space of 10 mins until it was low enough. Did make we worry tho. What did the doctor say
  5. apologies for the late reply, i just got back from CIC on saturday with a pass to my name :).

    And with regards to the medical im not sure, i must get white coat syndrome as i know its getting done, but i had no problems at catterick and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 weeks
  6. Well done mate..
  7. Thanks, it was a good enjoyful two weeks but i must admit there are some flaws, only getting 5 rounds to zero my weapon??? kind of makes shooting a lot harder and im not the best shot as it stands

    Anyways no reason to grumble on, whats done is done.
  8. Are you still bitching about that? Bloody Barossa............ :D
  9. yeah, barossa got the short end of the stick like, i dont think anyone in chindit should have passed due to not completing the 4 mile tab in the first week
  10. Pte Golden?
  11. nope
  12. whos nicole??? she fit?
  13. ahh i see
  14. . In reference to not passing the 4 miler. Did the recruits who failed it pass the 6 miler in the second week.
  15. It didn't take place so could not have been passed or failed.

    Barossa should have been made to swim in the lake... ;)