Phase 2 / Bordon / 3rd September

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Army_Rizzle, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got any tips?
  2. Q Club. I can't remember if it's a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Followed up with a trip to the churchyard Kebab van.
  3. Bordons not too bad and if you can get on a course straight away without going into holding platoon and doing work parades and stagging on time should go quite quick. Main thing to do when you get down there is if you have a car advertise lifts homes at the weekend or if you dont own one look at the Company notice boards to arrange your lifts ASP. Not too sure of the going rates now but it use to be around £10-£15 (1988)for fuel money up North so estimate £15-£25 now depending where you travel to.
    You will get at least one weekend duty a month still Ive been told but you normally know in advance to sort lifts out.
    If your staying Portsmouths a good night out and a lot of lads used to go into London, try not to stay in Bordon unless you have to. Its a phase 2 training establishment so you have the top end trying to install discipline and parades into you and the trade side wanting you to keep you awake enough to teach you. Lots of PT and a thing called Sports afternoons that you may never see again once in the field force.

    Like I said I went through nearly 20 years ago and was there last about 8 years ago so things change but one of the more recent lads there or someone from their Tiffy course recently will give you the heads up of recent things.

    Good Luck and what trade are you going?
  4. Im down as Tech Storeman, now to me this doesnt seem like a very exciting or rewarding job (dam the careers office) so when I get there Im changing to VM.
  5. Don't piss your money up every thursday night.
    Stay away from the local slags.
    Get out at weekends go to London or Brighton.
    Take advantage of the sports
    Change from Tech storman if you can
    Look after the security of your kit
    Try to smile.
  6. I live in London so im gunna be goin home most weekends.

    Looking forward to sports, I want to start motocrossing again.

    Putting in my VM request when I get there.

    Plenty of smiling at Phase 1 so im sure I can keep it up through phase 2.