Phase 2 - Blandford - System Communicatons Operator

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by poplarcons, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    My son is in his 1st month at Blandford for his phase 2 training. The training is going well but the weekend and evenings are really getting him down. He thought he would have time to himself but says he had more time at Lichfield. Does it get any better? He has really had enough of cleaning until 10.00pm at night and doesn't have enough time to study. Some advice from someone who has been there might help. I think if he came home now he wouldn't want to go back.
  2. Yeah it gets easier. But bear in mind that it is good training for when he is out in the field working his todger off in far worse conditions than his is enduring at the moment. I fear that there will be far less sympathy incoming later, but it is important that he gets a grip. Time off in training is a privelige and a bonus. I'd suggest to him that he gets a bit of backbone, gets his nose to the wheel and it'll all be golden soon.
  3. I hated Blandford was there in 99,most people do. I sympathise with him, its much better when he gets to his unit. You won't find much sympathy here, instead lots of "in my day comments". My advice would be to get into a sport, it can get you out of some of the sh&t there, it made my time there bearable, even enjoyable on some occasions.
  4. I was at Blandford '98-'99.
    As other people have said, IT DOES GET BETTER.
    If he keeps his head down and just gets on with it he will enjoy his working unit.
    Sports is a good suggestion, I played Army colts rugby and didnt stag on once in just over a year.
  5. Just think, he could come back as an instructor!!!

    The regime on the camp, I feel, has worsened (although the training rules make it nicer for the trainees), but no doubt he'll remember the good times far more than the poo ones.

    As said before YES it does get better, (although try telling me that when I'm stuck on a hill in the middle of no-where at 2am on a Saturday night!!)

    Tell him to keep his nose clean, play the game and try to enjoy it.

    The factory is a Love/Hate type of place!!

    Most of all GOOD LUCK to him.
  6. i went back for a short course and alot has changed there, enough about that.

    best thing to do to beat the blandford blues is sport without a doubt, trouble is this can take away your "sitting on your arse doing nothing" time which everybody needs at some point. especially after a day of someone speaking in what seems like an advanced form of code and occasionally throwing in a word that you recognise like antenna or radio.

    i think the idea is if they are kept busy they dont have enough time to mess up or miss home too much, as far as i was told revision periods are after evening scoff and are part of the programme. (class ones correct me if i am horribly wrong, my mate is there and he has to sit in on the revision sessions. i was told by him)

    best bit of advice i can give him... ride the wave, its only 6 months. it gets a hell of alot better after that. get some close mates and go away for the weekends. there are loads of things to do in the area if you are willing to leave the confines of the camp and not shoot home every weekend. i did the exact same. disappeared to bournemouth with a car full of people instead of coming home. gave us something to talk about ALL week, something that we all had in common instead of talking about back home or my mate dave who no one knew

    hope this can be of some use.
  7. Oh dear Mrs, I think sonny boy is telling you porkies, for starters if he's cleaning until 10 then he needs some cleaning lessons from you when he does come home. secondly there is designated time purlely for studying in the evening, if this means young master poplarcons isn't getting enough playstation time then i'm afriad that's the way it has to be. but trust me, he has plenty of spare time to himself.