phase 2 at blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carli, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. hey all..ok a few questios which i hope someone will be able to help me with, im due to start my phase 2 at blandford on the 27th of this month and was just wondering what it is like there as i never got to have my visit, are the rooms still shared, and if they are does anybody know how many people i will be sharing with? what is the camp like, does anybody know where i can look at some pictures or videos of the camp?also, probably the most silliest question but am i ok to leave my number 2's at home untill my mum comes up to visit ot will i need them quite soonish? thanks in advance :)
  2. Its a relitivly modern camp, blocks are modern and you will share with about 8 other blokes. Mess is okay, there is a wrvs, club, naafi, internet cafe, nice new gym...classrooms are great......unique georgian town...

    I'm rambling sorry.

    Does that help ?
  3. thanks polar69, yh the link is good aswell, im female though but i suppose ill still be sharing with 8 other females?
  4. You NEED to take ALL your kit to Blandford from Day 1. There may be a parade or inspection or something before your mum can get down.

    I think the girls blocks (built at a different time and in slightly different style to the lads blocks and Permanent Staff blocks) have 4 man rooms.
  5. ok thanks for that choclate_frog
  6. Get yourself into Weymouth if you get a night out, beautiful wine bars, quayside restraunts, bustling nightlife with some trendy clubs, some amazing shops if your into your designer gear, if you get down there mid afternoon its like the Cote Dazur !

  7. :D :D :D :D :wink:
  8. Quite, Sir !

    Carli stay OUT of Weymouth ! You may end up in the back of an Austin Allegro at Lulworth Cove with one of these strapping lads !

    Good luck with phase 2.... :)

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  9. lol advice taken!! thanks
  10. just be carefull of the girls in the block. it was known that the lesbians hunt you down and try to "turn you" with force!!!
  11. haha thanks pingu, they may not have to force though ey, haha
  12. dont ask me how i know but the girls blocks are four man rooms ...........

    take note of pingu823`s advice, unless your that way inclined then crack on girl ............

    the camp has had a lot of changes over the last few years, the bars and restaurants (cafes ), are all now fully refurbed and looking good, the wrvs has wifi and internet services, i think the wifi is 10 a month with unlimited use, personnally i never used it but then i didnt need to :D

    any other advice or info you want pm me, ive just been posted out of there after 3 years ......

    good luck with your phase 2 :D
  13. As a point to note, there is now Vodafone 3G coverage in Blandford Camp (it was switched on earlier this week). It might be useful for those who would rather sign up for mobile internet access using one of those dongle things, particularly for shorter courses.
  14. 3 years paying BT through the roof prices, a few weeks after i leave and vodaphone pull there finger out there arrse ............. gutted
  15. Avoid the old men who turn up for the reunion in the Summer - Many of them are deviants..