Phase 2 - appeals

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by MrPVRd, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. I hope it isn't necessary (fairly confident that this stands a good chance next week, despite the planning officer's recommendation) but here is the decision of an appeal for 33 Grays Lane. The appeal was upheld, note that the inspector looked at whether any impact was "unacceptable" and concluded it was not.

  2. There was another successful appeal for 5-6 Park Lane. Demolish 1 house, put up 3. The applicant was clearly desperate to cash in on the site, submitting a number of unsuccessful applications and appeals (including one for a small block of flats) before getting permission in the end. Just goes to show that the Planning Inspectorate are less precious than the locals, and less nervous than the planning officers!

    It's crazy that all this is for a mere change of use!
  3. Quick thought on this.

    My cynicism sensor is warning me that there's a chance that the MVDC councillors will reject on the basis, not of fact, but of convenience. If SSAFA decide not to appeal, then the matter is settled for them and if they DO appeal, then it's out of their hands.

    Win / win for them on a rejection .

    Having said that, if SSAFA were to appeal and the Committee found to have done their job badly, I believe there are cost and general bad press repercussions for the Council.

    Given that the real planning issues have already been effectively demolished by their own planning officer, would it be worth SSAFA stating, or at least hining heavily, that an appeal would happen if it's refused? That would remove a big part of the councillors' safety net if they hope it might all just go away?
  4. What's the cost implication of an appeal?
  5. I thought that there was a time contraint, given an appeal could take 6 months with no guarantee of success. Would SSAFA cut their losses and look for a new property?
  6. looking into it at the moment, FB, although MrPVRd may already know?
  7. Exactly what red team may be hoping, Dozy. And sympathetic councillors may do the same. Even if SSAFA were to change their minds after nexy week, a suggestion now that they'd take it to appeal might rattle them somewhat.
  8. The appeal has to be made within 6 months of the decision date, no fee needs paid but there will be expenses (such as the planning consultant's fees :twisted: ). Also, on whether it is a written representation, hearing or inquiry. The process would take months, 9 weeks to get to the stage of considering the submissions. Obviously an inquiry takes a long time. I'll do some digging for examples. It does not seem a complex planning issue, so a quick decision would probably be expected (but the planning inspectorate are usually snowed under).

    The SSAFA planning consultant should be advising their client on this. Note that only the applicant can appeal, not third parties (ie us or "them").
  9. Oh, and the same drill would apply as for this one - statements can be made by third parties to the inspector.