Phase 2 and a potential driving ban

Evening Folks, I am hoping you will be able to offer some pearls of wisdom regarding a friend of mine currently undergoing phase 2.

The guy concerned got out of a bad relationship at the end of 2007 prior to joining up and up until recently things have looked very good for him. This week he has been summoned to court due to the Police discovering that he had been driving without insurance at the end of 2007, he currently has a few points on his license and this charge will potentially land him with a 1yr driving ban. As far as my friend was concerned he was insured as he had taken out the policy but it seems that his then girlfriend canceled it in a spite campaign against him as the relationship soured.

What is interesting us is how this will affect his Army career, whether this will land him being booted and what can be done to save his bacon. I'd appreciate any advice both Civy and Army orientated that you can offer.
Career Starts, Career Starts........Carrer stops.

Of course its a 'mate'
Tell the truth - show any proof he may have - (I find it difficult to believe anyone but the policyholder can cancel a policy) and hope for the best.

I don't think he will get much sympathy though - either from civvy court or military hierarchy.

Just a thought - All insurance companies tape your calls now - can he get a tape of "him" cancelling the policy?

Or did he in fact think that he could get away with not paying for Insurance and get caught?
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