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I'm ex-regular but have gone over my time limit so have been told I have to do TA phase one again.

On the initial assessment (the 1.5 mile run etc) I was told that my unit could do the 1A parts on week day night. Back at my unit they have said that I have to do this phase on weekends.

Any ideas.

I know the system is changing due to the whole 'One army' strategy

Ideally I like to go straight to Phase 1B
As far as I know (and I'm no expert), you have to do your phase 1a at a regional training centre. 6 Weekends every other week. You can do extra prep work at your TAC for the weekends to make sure you are up to scratch.
If you are joining a unit such as the HAC or 4 Para then they do their selection and training independantley of RTC's. However if not you will have to attend selection at one of the ADSC's and then complete Ph1A/B at an RTC as steady state training (weekends) or on one/two week package when available.

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