Phase 1A+B Training Information- First Hand!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lampard, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon fellas,

    I'm starting Phase 1A+B on the 9th of Jan and I originally came on ARRSE to find a bit more about the course, what's expected, how to prepare etc. Having now done that, I've noticed a large number of posts simply appealing for information rather than the poster searching for it for themselves. Hopefully I'll be helping with that.

    Would it be helpful if, after each weekends training, i wrote up the tasks undertaken, how they went, how best to prepare for them, basically the details of each weekend written in one topic as a resource for new recruits?

    Answer the poll and if there's a significant number that agree, I'll do so. If it's found to be useful then I'll do the same for Phase C.


  2. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Sounds like a good idea but suggest doing it in the Wiki rather than here where it might get lost (unless msr stickies it I suppose).
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Cheers guys, I'll write the first in January then.
  5. Do it, good idea.

    Which RTC by the way?
  6. Really good idea. Am also on for the 9th so look forward to it! Just wish there had been something like this before...
  7. I was on the same selection weekend as you.
    I was in 2 section, short skinny bloke.
  8. Bravo Bravo - I did selection at Pirbright, doing A+B at Malta Barracks, Aldershot.
    Mali - Were you? There were many short skinny blokes =P
    Innuit - Where abouts are you doing A+B?

    Edit: Just to add guys, the entries will be found in the ARRSEpedia under 'CMS(R)'
  9. Malta barracks? Bring your own bog roll!
  10. Yeah good point, bog roll. Im doing RT5 on the 9th, a bunch of my mates are going to be in with you on RT1.
  11. Are you qualified to judge what should and should not be in the public domain?

    I'd run it by someone first, just to make sure they are happy for you to do this. :wink:
  12. Then bring your own water, to flush the bog.

    In fact, bring your own bog.
  13. Bring your own fookin bog, only 2 worked when I was there last year.
  14. Mate, PERSEC. From looking at your profile I know your name, unit, where you're doing basic, and can make an educated guess at how old you are.

    Sort it out, you don't want to be outed on here.
  15. Prae

    What's more worrying is the fact firstly, he'll have a stripe on his sleeve soon and secondly Bravo Bravo could be one of the guys that trains him! :twisted: