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  1. I am due to start my phase 1 on march 10th how fit would u say I should be ?

  2. The fitter you are the easier you'll find the phys in basic...
  3. As long as you pass selection you are fit enough to start .When i started basic my 1 1/5 mile was 10 and a half mins , when i finished it was 8, put the effort in in pt and thats all that matters!
  4. My 1.5 mile is about the same as urs now 10 min 30. Be ace 2 get it down to 8. How many miles a day do u run 4 in basic ?
  5. Dependant on what you are doing that day, i.e a PFT or a steady-state etc..
  6. Hows a typical week go ?

  7. Normally do a run of some sort anything from 1.5 miles to 5 miles, about 2-3 times a week, a tab from about week 5 onwards, and then your circuit training. All in all you will have pt about 4-5 times a week. Then later on the assault course and that comes into it.

    It gets progressively harder so you will always find it getting harder but probably never struggle as long as you give it your all. I found it hard but never too much and as your on the same time as me i guess you will find it similar :)

    Can i ask what your joining?
  8. Been a while since I did basic but, something along the lines of a PT session a day - Monday you could be doing a steady-state run, Tuesday you could be doing a CV circuit in the gym, Wednesday you could be doing BPT, Thurs you could be doing a PFT, Fri you might get away with a slightly easier session... ;)
  9. yeah, joining RA as light gun but thinking of changing 2 AS90. Ive never ran 5 miles in my life !
  10. LoL, you will have soon though... don't worry about it. Good Luck pal.
  11. Cheers pal
  12. haha i hadnt either, but that soon changed, dont worry there will most likely be people worse than you that will be hanging out there arrse so just get on with it :)
  13. haha thanks 4 ya help bud.